Accountancy Stereotype Breaker

What do you think of when you think of accountancy? A black-clothed, sneering Dickensian character of an accountant, hunched over huge leather-bound account book in a darkened study with just an open fire and extra bucket of coal for company?

Is it true that you will be banished to a life of a lonely number cruncher and mountains of paperwork as an accountant? And is this an industry that’s reserved for graduates only?

What’s the real deal?

Modern accountancy practice has come a heck of a long way! These days, accountancy professionals work closely in teams to get the job done. If you choose a career in this field, you will have to be personable and a great communicator – no dull bean counters here!

It’s true that you’ll have to have excellent numerical skills, but in order to flourish in this industry you’ll have to be able to explain your findings in a way your clients understand to help them with their finances. Team work is also of the essence! As an auditor, for example, you will have to liaise with the client regularly, and more often than not you will work as part of a team.

A new age for accountants…

The days of copious amounts of paperwork are now diminishing as technology has transformed the way that accountants can conduct their work. A number of software packages help with various processes and make the work much more efficient.

It’s not a degree-only entry policy either. The accountancy and professional services sector includes firms who form the driving force behind alternative opportunities for school leavers – so you really don’t have to have been to university to start a career as an accountant!

There are a number of top global companies that offer Higher Apprenticeships and school leaver programmes and sponsored degree programmes, which allow you to gain work experience, a professional qualification and a salary.

Travel bug…

Accountancy opportunities are also spread across the country in big cities and towns – it’s not just about The Big Smoke. Travel is even a feature of some roles, such as audit, for instance, where you will have to meet clients on-site face-to-face, and often spend extended periods of time with them as you conduct your analysis. No such thing as being stuck in an office on your own here! If you work for a global company, there is a chance you will work for some international clients too – which may lead to some international travel too as your career progresses!