We tell you how much NFL coaches make

The NFL, the North American Football League, the most followed league in the country, provokes a lot of curiosity in anyone who is a fan of the sport. And that’s why many people wonder… How much does an NFL coach earn?

There is no transparency with these economic accounts, so it is often difficult to speak of a general salary. It is better to check how much some of them are earning annually. Also, compare with what the players themselves earn, or even what other people from other professionals earn, to understand if it is a good salary or not.

And there are also many complex clauses and the fact that the future of the soccer team they manage has a great influence on their future. That’s all we know about how much an NFL coach earns, and we will share it with you. Read carefully!

Factors that determine how much an NFL coach makes

You first need to know that not all NFL coaches have a unanimous salary, but many factors determine what each coach earns.

Although everything is very variable, if we can establish some criteria that make us see why some of them charge much more salaries than others, we can already tell you that practically all have a good salary.

This is what determines how much an NFL coach earns:

  • The Super Bowl, because if a team wins it or even wins it several times in a row, the coach will be positively impacted by it. Winning things objectively makes a coach’s contract grow longer and longer, while not winning anything can get a coach fired at any time.
  • To be recruited for a soccer team of higher or lower quality. Workingg with certain teams, such as the Los Angeles Rams, will make a coach’s salary higher depending on thenumbert of followers they move and the money the team manages to earn.
  • Continuity in the same team as the coach is also a factor in the salary increase. For example, if a coach spends sevIt is true, as we have been telling you, that there is a certain diversity of salaries depending on some factors. Still, another thing you should also know is that the NFL sets a ceiling on any salary, those of the players and those of the coaches. His salary will be very good after years in the same team, winning some competitions, and making the team grow.


As you can see, some factors make a coach can earn more or less money, but the reality is that according to the data extracted from last year, 2022, they are the highest earners in the entire league, even more than the players themselves.

As we have been telling you, it is true that there is a certain diversity of salaries depending on some factors. Still, another thing you should also know is that the NFL sets a ceiling on any salary, those of the players and those of the coaches.

The cap is adapted according to two concepts: the “dead money,” which is the money earned by the coach or player, and the “rolled over,” which is the amount of money that teams keep for the following season.

Specific data on the subject

Be that as it may, here are some examples of NFL coaches’ salaries based on data from recent years:

  • Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, was during 2021 the highest-paid coach in the entire NFL, and in 2022 he continued on the podium as the second highest paid. He earns $12.5 million annually, which is their current salary cap.
  • Sean Mcvay has been the head coach of the LA Rams, and during 2021, his salary ranged from $7 million to $8 million per year. However, after winning his first Super Bowl and threatening to leave if he did not see a substantial increase in his salary, he has gone up to $15 million, marking a historic milestone and being the highest paid, more than the limit just a year before.
  • On the other hand, a coach like Mike McCarthy, who was once one of the highest paid, earned $4 million last year to show you the influence of different factors. This is because he spent 13 seasons with the Packers and then went to the Dallas Cowboys, where people expected more from him. However, it is rare to see him with less salary than others because a team under his command has never had bad results.
  • We also told you about the salary of Kyle Shanahan, who has been considered one of the best coaches in the league for a few years now, knowing how to climb very quickly. His salary is 9.5 million dollars a year, with some milestones such as reaching the final of the superbowl. His salary will probably increase considerably next year if he continues like this.

Ultimately, it is difficult to say how much an NFL coach makes. Because salaries vary greatly depending on the characteristics of each coach. Generally, the average salary is around 6 or 7 million, and the biggest ones can reach around 15 million.