Banking interviews – body language

There are some key body language rules you need to remember when you’re going to an interview for a banking job. Nothing here is too difficult, it’s just remembering it in practice when the nerves kick in, but if you follow these rules and remember to relax, you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of success

Cut out the fidgeting

It’s comforting to play with your suit hem or spin a pen in your fingers, isn’t it? It gives you something to focus on to reduce the pure nerves of the situation. Yeah. Cut it out.

One, this is exceptionally distracting to your interviewer, and two you’ve given away that you’re nervous, which is not the impression you want to be giving. You want to be cool, calm and collected, showing you’re in control and can answer the questions comfortably. You’re ready for this, you don’t need to play with a pen.

Open up

Another sign of nervousness and hiding something from another person is closing yourself off, which can be done by crossing your arms or legs, or by covering your mouth, etc.

Again, you really don’t want to be giving off this impression, so get comfortable and keep your hands and legs uncrossed – you’re not hiding anything, because this is in your grip and you’ve got the bases covered.

Be ready

Any startling movements are going to give off the impression that you are ill prepared and not a natural social being, so make sure you don’t jump off your chair to meet your interviewer or fall asleep whilst you’re waiting.

At the end of the interview make sure you’re playing a similar game – be ready to stand and do it elegantly and smoothly – showing you’re confident, assured and ready to begin working life. Nailed it.