Digital Banking

As a rapidly evolving area, digital banking offers a really broad variety of roles in banking and finance. Millions of transactions take place online each day, and banks need top notch digital teams to help them in all matters of their digital product development and management.

Let’s get digital

The most obvious of roles in digital banking is possibly product development. People with expertise in information technology and communications are the ones who bring ideas for a bank’s digital products to life, such as new websites, apps and online services. A knowledge of banking is also necessary in these roles and the ability to work to a brief, which can involve liaising with project managers and other departments of the bank at times.

Project management is an essential part of digital banking. Project managers oversee the delivery of the bank’s digital products. They manage their teams, keep track of everything, make sure progress for a project is on target to meet launch deadlines, and give presentations to senior members of the bank.

Branching out in digital banking

Content management and copy writing roles for websites, which usually combine marketing expertise in the banking and finance field with online editorial skills are also an option. Other roles revolve around customer services: many retail banks have separate support centres for their digital product lines, and supervisors must be able to help customers with service problems and deal with complaints in an informed and effective way.

How can I get into a digital banking career?

Each of these different specialist areas tend to require related degrees. The technology whizz kids with related degrees are typically candidates for product design and development roles; marketing knowledge is sought after for marketing related roles; and project management in banking and finance ideally requires an understanding of the sector in the first instance, though it can be more open to a wider range of degree disciplines. Call centre work doesn’t tend to require a degree.

The salaries can be very healthy in digital banking work – especially in development and project management roles.