Five Tips for New Analysts

So you’ve done it – you’ve secured the opening into a top investment bank. Our work here is done – almost! Before you fly off into the merry world of banking though, we thought we’d give you a leaving present, in the form of one last tips sheet that will help you to become the best. Knock ‘em dead, soldier.

1) Smile

This is going to be hard. It’s going to be a slog, and you’re going to be tired and worn out and all you’ll want to do is rest your head on the table and cry, but that’s not the way to the top. The way to the top, just like in TV, is with a grin on your face.

If you look like you’re enjoying yourself, people will assume that you are enjoying yourself. Living the dream. And when others are falling by the wayside, people will think you are coasting through without a care in the world, which is exactly how the top analysts do it.

2) Remember the team

It’s a jungle out there and often, it’s every man for himself, but when you get the opportunity to be a team player, seize it. People notice team players and when people like you, they help you to move up in the world.

By creating a network, you help not only everyone else, but yourself; as when the rankings come around, they take a lot of opinions into account. Good things come to those who are selfless, so when you find a moment to help out a peer, you’re doing the right thing.

3) Be like a duck

This is my favourite piece of advice ever – “be like a duck: remain calm on the surface, and paddle like hell underneath.” Whilst keeping up appearances, you must be going hell for leather at your work as much as you can.

Those in the know will notice that your work is getting done, and hard work is key to any success story, especially in Investment Banking. When you’re working, don’t mess about and don’t waste time – get through it and you’ll feel a whole lot better about everything.

4) Be like a postman

This is one I’ve made up myself, but it works, because every day, rain or shine, hell or high water – you need to be delivering. Delivering the goods is key to the success of any analyst, and ultimately decides if you’re any good at your job.

If you say that you will achieve something within a set time, you make sure that you do that – by never letting people down, you show them you are someone they can trust. By this, obviously don’t make ridiculous promises, give reasonable deadlines, and then hit them every time.

5) Perfection

There is no scope in this field for continual mistakes, and they will be punished. No-one wants to become known as the person whose work contains all the errors, so check, check and check again. Finish projects with enough time to spare so you can check them.

Pay close attention to detail. Back everything up. Make friends and check each others work on a regular basis so that you can both be renowned for your high quality content. This is where it’s make or break. We believe in you.