Should I Become a Chartered Banker?

There are professional qualifications aplenty on offer in relation to the finance industry – and banking is no exception.

In short, if you really want to progress up the ranks in a banking job, particularly within retail banking or corporate/private banking, then working towards Chartered Banker status isn’t a bad idea at all, and could certainly help you to reach your longer term career ambitions.

Benefits of becoming a Chartered Banker

Chartered Banker status indicates that you have reached a high standard of knowledge and professionalism in banking or financial services, which could go a long way towards opening up career doors that were closed to you previously.

Membership of the Chartered Banker Institute can increase your networking and professional development opportunities too through their events, resources and volunteering opportunities (available to members only).

If you fancy taking your career abroad at some point too, then a professional qualification will look all the more impressive and could increase your employment options overseas.

Industry benchmark

One of the primary focuses for the finance industry as a whole is to reinstall the public’s trust in the activities and conduct of bankers following the financial crash. Professional qualifications that demonstrate that individuals have achieved an industry benchmark standard in their knowledge, ability, and ethics and conduct is one way tackling this issue.

As such, you’ll find that more and more senior level jobs require candidates to possess professional qualifications. So if you want to progress in banking, achieving Chartered Banker status is one way to tick this box. Another professional qualification that may be of particular use within banking, especially investment banking and asset management, is the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

How do I become a Chartered Banker?

In order to obtain Chartered Banker status, you’ll have to earn the Chartered Banker Institute’s ‘Chartered Banker Diploma.

If you undertake a school leaver programme or graduate scheme with a bank, then it’s highly likely that you’ll receive support in taking examinations to achieve a relevant professional qualification during the course of your programme. Your employer will also usually fund examination and study costs too!

Some Diplomas preceding the Chartered Banker Diploma are available. These courses can provide you with the right foundation to progress onto the Chartered Banker Diploma if you’re missing certain necessary qualifications or awareness of some elements of banking and practice.