Telephone Banking

The most common form of telephone banking role is that of telephone banking adviser at a bank contact centre. It’s a customer-facing area; telephone banking advisers and customer service professionals deal with their customers’ queries over the phone for the majority of their day. They may also call customers to let them know about new products on offer (part of telemarketing campaigns) and try to make sales over the phone.

Telephone banking career path calling…

Telephone banking advisers may help with many banking services that may occur in-branch, such as many transfers, balance checks. They have to be extremely personable and be able to communicate and convey themselves well across the telephone. The ability to handle some tough phone calls if and when there are complaints and ensure the appropriate resolution is reached is essential: thick skins are called for at times!

Progression to senior manager of a telephone banking department is possible. In manager positions, responsibilities shift from making and taking calls for the most part to team management and ensuring targets are met.

How could I get into telephone banking?

Telephone banking roles are generally open to people from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. This area doesn’t usually require applicants to have a degree, though any sales or similar experience could be an advantage.

Hours won’t usually include weekends at a contact centre, however they may well revolve on a shift basis. Salaries can average at around £18,000 to £20,000 to start with.