How to cancel ABC Financial Membership?

Some gyms, in addition to offering fitness and nutrition services to make life easier for their clients, have implemented the payment of their Membership through ABC Financial, which facilitates the billing issues of their subscriptions.

However, not all of us agree that there is another method of handling our money. If you want to cancel your ABC financial membership, here is how to do it.

Cancel Membership through a Letter

To let the ABC financial company know of your desire to dispense with their services, you can write them a letter and send it to their mailing address. Write very well the request to unsubscribe; detail the reasons and provide the private information of your subscription. The company will email you when they receive your letter, so be sure to leave your email address.

Cancel Membership via phone call

Another means of communication is through the telephone; we can dial from our home landline or cell phone to the following number: 1-888-827-9262, which directs to the Customer Service address. An ABC Financial representative will be there to assist you with your membership cancellation request.

They will ask you for your subscription information to manage the procedure. They will let you know in the same call when your request has been processed and carried out or will let you know that They will contact you by email.

Can I cancel by phone?

This is a question on this platform since, depending on the client; you can process the cancellation with your representative via telephone at the following number: 866-364-4596.

Cancel Membership via Email

Notifying the cancellation via email differs from the previous two methods. We will open our email on our smartphone or laptop and click the “compose” button.

We will write a formal statement saying that we want to unsubscribe from your subscription and why we would like to unsubscribe. Furthermore, we will provide the information on our membership record that will be necessary for them to proceed to cancel. And finally, we will ask you to give us a confirmation of this by the same means of communication.

Why cancel the Membership?

One of the common reasons is not having a location to go to in person. They must go through the previous channels if they need to do a procedure. It takes longer than they imagine to give them an answer or a solution.

In addition, the contracting policy states that the company can cancel the Membership because the user has a medical complication or is about to change residence.

Can I pause my ABC Financial membership?

If you are not fully satisfied with ABC Financial services, instead of considering the cancellation process, you can take the option to pause. This provides two options you can choose from, either “Time Freeze” or “Billings Freeze” to make the request either you can do it by email or call customer service.

Is there an automatic renewal?

A feature of this subscription is that if you cancel it, it will be canceled when the subscription expires; you will not have any inconvenience because it is automatically renewed without prior notice.