How to cancel Anytime Fitness?

Pursuing a gym life and healthy living has brought many useful services; however, sometimes, you need a break. Every customer has independent reasons for canceling their Anytime Fitness membership, but regardless, the process is the same.

How can you cancel your Anytime Fitness membership? Here are a few ways!

Canceling a membership within this company is not a difficult task, which you can do firsthand without resorting to managers outside the customer service office. You are welcome to learn about the entire cancellation process and the alternatives you have.

Go to cancel your subscription in person

If you want to do something right, it’s best to do it all yourself. Traditional methodology never goes out of style, so you are welcome to learn the process.

You’ll want to head to the gym you visit frequently or talk directly to any of their agents. To begin the process, you should ask them how and what the membership cancellation procedure is.
Once you are done, request membership cancellation. Generally, you will be asked to fill out a form with your information and the membership information, as you will be asked about the details of the delivery time.

Finally, make sure you follow all the instructions given by the agent. As a result, you will successfully cancel your Anytime Fitness membership subscription.

Cancel your Anytime Fitness subscription via your phone

If you can’t make it to the facility, there is more than one solution. Within the official Anytime Fitness website, you can find the contact number for the gym you regularly attend. Log in and dial the number from your phone.

If you’re having trouble finding it, select the gym or location from the search bar menu, and a list of names and contacts for each will instantly pop up. When you see it, immediately dial the number displayed.

When you get the number, speak up and ask to cancel your membership. You will be asked for your personal information and about the membership, you must answer precisely, as this will help to identify yours easily.

Following the instructions given by the representative, it is necessary for the success of the cancellation process. Remember to ask about the confirmation email from the company, as it will support you when the cancellation is completed.

Through the official website

To begin the membership cancellation request process, you must log in to the Anytime Fitness official website and enter your username and password. Once the new window opens, go to the subscription and membership section.

To cancel your application, you don’t need anything more than your willingness; click on the “Cancel” button. You will immediately be redirected to a form that you must fill in with all your data, the date of application, and the gym address you are subscribed.

Fill in the form and click on the “Proceed tab,” and almost instantly, a pop-up sale will appear with the costs of the cancellation charges. Remember that you should always receive a confirmation email for this process; if not, check the status of your profile.