How to cancel Audible subscription?

Honestly, and in agreement with the opinion of other users, Audible is a fantastic program. However, perhaps because of the hustle and bustle of your daily life, little time to dedicate to audiobooks, or the need to cut costs has led you to this process.

Audible has many different plans. Is it possible to cancel them all?

Generally speaking, the procedure to cancel your Audible plan is the same for all categories, even if you changed it not long ago. Compared to listening to audiobooks, the process is faster and shorter.

Cancel your subscription within the official online platform

You will have to go to Audible’s official website, log in


Look for the “Account Detail” option. Then log in with the account linked to the subscription you wish to cancel.

Select the “Cancel membership” option within the text box containing the information of the current membership you enjoy. Once again, it will display a form where you must choose the reason for the cancellation.

Finally, follow all the instructions given by the system. Don’t worry; you will receive an email from Audible confirming that the process has been completed.

Cancel your subscription within Google Admin on Android

It’s not much different from cancelling any service subscription from another company. Therefore, you need to go to the Google Play Store and click on the icon corresponding to your profile in the upper right corner.

Once the list of options is displayed, select “Payments and subscriptions” and immediately continue to the “Subscriptions” tab. Again, it will display another list on the screen, but with the different subscriptions linked to the user.

Among them, find and click “Audible” and click “Cancel subscription”. You will immediately no longer be a beneficiary of this company’s services.

Cancel your Audible subscription thanks to the iOS management system

To cancel your subscription is not much different from the previous procedure. Once you start your device, go into “Settings” of the system. Log in with your Apple ID, look for “Subscriptions” in the options bar, and select it.

From the list, find the app, or subscription in this case, that you want to manage. Once selected, click “Cancel Subscription”. If you cannot see it +, the task has been accomplished and will not be renewed.

Please note that if you started your membership outside the application, you need to fix this by going to the linked account details section within Audible. Also, credits received or additional credits within iOS do not expire.

Where do all the books go after unsubscribing?

Of course, once you are no longer subscribed to their services, the unlimited catalogue will no longer be available. However, those that have been billed are yours to keep, and you are free to listen to them whenever you wish.