How to cancel Funimation subscription?

There are a variety of streaming platforms that you can enjoy in your daily life. However, not all service policies are the same. Find out how to cancel your Funimation subscription quickly and safely without looking for managers.

Canceling your Funimation subscription is much simpler than it seems

By having some knowledge of technology, willingness, and determination to cancel the subscription, it is possible to do so. Of course, not everyone understands the same means to achieve, so this guide is for you.

Through its online platform

Being a free-access platform for all users, the best thing to do is to enter the official Funimation page on your smart mobile device or computer.

Add your username and password.

Now, go directly to the “My accounts” option.

The list of subscriptions you have will immediately appear on the screen. But don’t worry; extend the summary you see on the screen, and selecting “Cancel” will be enough to finish the process.
Inside the official apps for iOS

The platform is so extensive that it has been adapted to be at your fingertips. Go inside the system and log in with your Apple ID. In the options bar, chooses “Manage” and select FunimationNow.

Once inside, you will see several options on the screen; the only thing you will have to do is to move the automatic renewal switch. When it is in the “off” position, you will have successfully canceled the subscription.

Thanks to your Android device in the app

Go inside the Funimation app; you will not have to log in manually because it will automatically open. Select “Settings” in the toolbar and choose “Your plan.”

You will be redirected to your Google Play subscriptions and see each of the plans you have chosen. The platform’s name will appear on the screen, and by simply clicking on it, you will have the option to cancel the subscription.

On your Apple TV, very similar to the iOS device

Compared to other smart devices, you can access it without logging into the app. When inside the device, choose the “Settings” option and select “Accounts.”

You will instantly see and select “Manage Subscriptions,” and it will display a list of all subscriptions. Select Funimation, and likewise, inside iOS devices, slide the switch to “Off.”

Do you have Xbox One inside? It can also help you to cancel your subscription.

When you turn on your Xbox One, you’ll need to sign in to your Microsoft account linked to the subscription to cancel it. Once inside, you will notice the Services and Subscriptions option; select “Manage.”

You will not have to go through many steps; select the cancel option. Finally, complete the process by confirming the cancellation.

Is it possible to cancel Funimation with Fire TV or Amazon?

Yes, for this, you must access directly to your Amazon Store subscriptions. Once inside, you will see the list and must find Funimation.