How to cancel IPSY subscription?

For many women, it is a dream to subscribe to a platform to receive monthly boxes of beauty products. However, it can be an impossible dream to sustain at times. Because of this, unsubscribing from IPSY can be an option, and the process is simple.

How to cancel IPSY on its official website?

To cancel your IPSY membership on the website, you must first log in with your username and password.

Once inside, you must select the “My Account” option. There you will see another section called “Cancel Subscription” click on it to get the options where you will have to express the reason for leaving IPSY. Also, you must enter your personal information and click “Confirm.” You will be unsubscribed immediately.

Cancellation process via email

The email option is available for those on the waiting list to proceed with the subscription. However, if you applied for membership and are still waiting, you can email IPSY that you no longer want the membership. Also, you must provide your personal information, so they do not proceed with the subscription. The email address is

Is there an automatic renewal at IPSY?

When canceling the subscription, you must follow the above procedure and deactivate the automatic renewal of payments. Otherwise, you will be charged the fee on your credit card or the payment platform you set up every month.

When to cancel the subscription?

To avoid additional charges, we recommend you unsubscribe before the next month’s subscription is charged. If you unsubscribe one day before or after your billing date, you will still be charged the monthly fee, and your membership will end the following month.

Is there a charge for canceling the membership?

A beneficial feature of the IPSY platform is that if you wish to cancel your membership, you can do so without adding a fee because this procedure is free. You will only be charged for the canceled subscription at the end of the month without any added cost.

Does IPSY offer a free trial?

If you want to unsubscribe from IPSY and access a free trial, unfortunately, you will not have this option available. If you wish to access the brand’s services, it is mandatory to pay for membership.

Some users unsubscribe from the platform because the company does not meet their expectations once they subscribe and decide to stop paying. As you can see, it is totally up to you whether to join and stay or stay away from this system.