How to cancel McAfee subscription?

The world’s leading antivirus company, McAfee, offers extremely sought-after services by people who want to protect themselves to the fullest. Such as special memberships for its more affluent users.

Their subscriptions can be expensive compared to other services, driving away many customers. They have had so many problems that many people would like to know how to cancel their McAfee subscriptions.

Is it the best decision to cancel my subscription with McAfee?

The answer is yes because this antivirus has many features that, unlike other companies, negatively affect the user. Undoubtedly, the best option is to cancel the subscription.

Among the disadvantages of McAfee’s membership is that it does not offer its firewall, which makes it not one hundred per cent effective. While many other antivirus companies have it, it is fully functional.

The process can be affected when it comes to some types of malware, as this protection system has many problems that it cannot solve.

Because of this, people buy McAfee membership because of the trust that the company has built through advertising and then lose all their information to some virus. Especially those that McAfee cannot protect and doesn’t even say so in the contract’s small print.

In addition, because the protection is very limited, due to the inability to achieve maximum security, it exposes its customers to many problems. Such as the lack of real-time analysis, causing late detection of serious problems.

And while it has no protection against Adware, such as advertisements, strange links and harmful plug-ins. It consumes much more computer resources compared to any other Antivirus.

It is a participant of many complaints, where they comment on the amount of consumption applied on the PC and the user’s pocket, which does not compare with the functions it offers.

How do I cancel my McAfee subscription by phone call?

If all major companies in the United States offer telephone customer service, you would expect McAfee to have one, which is 1-866-622-391. This will help you with all kinds of inquiries, especially cancellations.

Take your phone and dial the above number to begin the cancellation procedure. You will be answered by an operator who will ask you what you wish to call McAfee customer service.

It is valuable that you indicate that your intention, for which you made the call, is to cancel your subscription with McAfee. From that moment on, the operator will start asking you several questions about your data.

You will need to provide all the requested information. The information will be your full name or the details of the account you have created with McAfee. The process is carried out to identify you and verify that it is you who wishes to unsubscribe.

The managers will ask you why you wish to cancel your subscription. Tell him your inconveniences, and you will listen calmly. The person in charge of providing personalized customer service will inform you of the cancellation of your request.

What do I gain by cancelling my subscription?

A refund will be among all the benefits you will receive for cancelling your membership with the company. But this is only valid if you are an annual buyer and requested the cancellation within the first 30 days of starting the service.

In addition, you will be able to save that amount of money that is charged to your card every year. And if you get the refund, you can use the money to buy another subscription for a better antivirus.