How to cancel Netflix subscription?

Everything in this life deserves to be in constant balance, so taking a break from technology in general or social networks is quite requested. And one of the platforms where people feel more attracted is Netflix.

These or more reasons are enough to make that change you need and stop enjoying your subscription. Don’t worry; it’s not a cumbersome process, and you won’t need a manager to manage your subscriptions.

Find out how to cancel your Netflix subscription in easy steps!

As mentioned above, the only help you will need is from yourself, and of course, some time and a means to accomplish it. Therefore, below, you will have some alternatives to be able to manage the process of your cancellation without a problem.

Close your subscription directly from the official website

You must go to the official website and log in with your username and password.

Once inside, in the upper-left corner, you will find an icon with three horizontal lines superimposed on top of the other select it; this will scroll the menu bar. In the list, you should find the box labelled “Account“.

Slide the window to the bottom of the page and click on “Cancel membership“, which you can find under the “Membership and Billing” option. Once done, it will send you to a new window.

When you are there, you should see an announcement that the cancellation of your membership will be effective at the end of the current period. To finish the process, click on “Finish Cancellation”.

Cancelling your Netflix account subscription from an iOS device

It is not very different from the previous option, but undoubtedly much simpler. You will have to enter the application to use it and immediately press the drop-down menu bar located in the upper-left corner of your device.

Among all the options that will appear, select “Account“, and when the new screen opens, scroll to the bottom of the page. You must select the “Cancel membership” box and confirm by pressing “Finish cancellation”.

Cancel your subscription to the service from the application on your Android device

It is the same as the previous option, as long as you have the app. When you open the app, you must click on the icon corresponding to your profile in the screen’s upper-right corner.

Within the list of options on the new screen, choose “Accounts” and select which one you want to cancel the membership of all linked accounts. You will be redirected to the official page to continue with the cancellation process.

Leave your service thanks to the iTunes application from your Apple device

This option only works for any computer or iOS smart device. You must enter the “Settings” system application and log in with your Apple ID. You will have to click on “Subscriptions” within the list of options displayed.

Once there, search among all the apps and services for your Netflix subscription that you want to cancel. Please select it and finish the process by confirming the changes.

Cancel your Netflix subscription from Amazon

If your subscription is registered from there, look for “Memberships and subscriptions” in the menu bar. When the new window opens, look for the name of the platform.

Then click on “Advanced Controls”. To finish the process, choose the “Cancel” option, and you will finish your management in a few seconds.