How to cancel NordVPN subscription?

If you want to eliminate your NordVPN subscriptions, you are in the right place. Currently, many service providers can supply better quality systems compared to the one in this article.

Regardless of why you wish to stop enjoying the services, every experience is unique and has led you to it. Therefore, here you can discover one or more methods to achieve the task you have in mind.

Is it possible to safely cancel your NordVPN subscription, do it yourself!

In a nutshell, yes. As with any private service, it is up to you as a customer to make decisions about the plans you manage in each of your accounts.

So, at any time or place in the world, you can cancel them without any problems. NordVPN is no exception, which is why you will find valuable information on how to do it here.

To achieve your goal of stopping the company’s service, you don’t need many tools. With just part of your time in your daily routine, some dedication and the availability of a computer or smart mobile device are enough.

Carry out the process on the official website

Like any private company, they have an official web that you should access as soon as possible to start the process. Once the main window opens, log in with the user and password of the subscription.

In the menu on the screen’s left side, look for and select the “Billing” option in the “Services” list. Next, click on the “Subscriptions” tab in the screen’s centre.

Then, in the lower-right corner of the screen, there will be three vertically positioned dots that you will have to press. When the options are displayed in a small menu, you must click “Cancel automatic renewal”.

As a result, the process will have been completed. And therefore, you will not renew the service, let alone you will not get any notifications from it.

Cancelling your NordVPN subscription through Apple

It is a fairly simple process; for smart mobile devices belonging to that technological range, you will need to open the “Settings” option of the system. When the application opens, log in through your Apple ID to continue.

Next, select the “Subscriptions” tab to see the list of linked programs displayed. At this point, find and select the program name “NordVPN” and choose “Unsubscribe” to finish.

However, if you are doing the process through a computer of the same franchise, you must enter the App Store and log in with the username and password. When inside, click on “View Information”, and a new page will open.

When it’s done, scroll down the screen, click “Subscriptions“, and then choose “Manage“. Once there, you can manage all the programs linked to the account, and when you find it, select “Edit” and finally “Cancel Subscription”.

Process the cancellation of your NordVPN subscription via the Google Play Store

If the process is carried out within an Android device, it is best to manage your subscriptions through the Google Play Store. You need to log in with your account linked to NordVPN to start the cancellation process.

When you are there, click on the icon corresponding to your profile to see the drop-down menu, where you will have to choose “My subscriptions”. Once there, you will see a list of all memberships, and you will have to find the program’s name.

Finally, select “Cancel subscription” and confirm the process. Shortly after, you will receive a confirmation message via email confirming that the process has been successful.