How to cancel Nugenix subscription?

It is possible you have decided to go for a Nugenix subscription because you had testosterone problems such as low hormone levels or problems staying active.

For some reason, you may have realized that you do not feel satisfied with the service offered; or you have not obtained the expected results. Therefore, you want to cancel your subscription because you do not plan to continue paying for something you will not use.

Can I cancel my subscription by phone?

Customer service by phone is considered one of the most common ways to solve problems with a company because you can get all the information you want just by talking to an operator.

In some cases, telephone customer support systems have been automated to reduce the workload. They are making it possible for the customer to get answers to all their questions by pressing the keys explained by the computer.

Nugenix does not escape the reality of telephone customer service as it offers all types of services, such as subscription cancellation, the telephone number 855-714-3234. By calling that number, you will get all the attention you need.

But you must give all the information regarding your accounts, such as username, the time you have been subscribed, some identification document, and your full name so that they can identify you from Nugenix.

Once you have provided all your data, you will start to explain your problem. Such as why you want to cancel your subscription or if you would like to cancel it immediately or after some time.

You will have to wait some time while they delete you from their database and after a while. You will receive confirmation from the operator that your account has been deleted.

Don’t like to talk? You can also cancel by text message

A differential factor between most companies with Nugenix is that they offer a text messaging service to attend to any problem related to the company. To support customers who dislike talking on the phone. Call the number 1-855-714-3234, and explain everything you want to solve with your data so that Nugenix staff can identify you. You will receive a fast and functional response, from which you will have no complaints.

Another advantage of talking by this means is that the operators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can be attended to directly without waiting when you need any consultation.

For some people, it can be tedious to communicate by writing, but it is easy if you are used to it. Moreover, you don’t have to be on the phone like on a call; you can do your business while waiting for a reply.

Cancellation Nugenix by email

As if that weren’t enough, the reality is that the company even cares about people who don’t have cell phones to communicate with them; allowing you to share via email to make your work easier.

You need to enter your email and write one, where you will address it to; in the “subject,” you should put “Unsubscribe request”.

Then, in the text, you need to explain in detail the reasons for your cancellation, such as some displeasure and not seeing results. Or that you have had a problem with their products, to improve the quality of them.

Then, enter all your data in the next paragraph regarding the subscription, such as your user, and identification number, among others. You must provide them so that they do not make a mistake.

Will I receive a refund for Nugenix?

The company will never refund your monthly payments because it is something that you have already consumed. In other words, they have already paid you with their products.

However, they will not charge your credit card for processing your cancellation since it is a free service that they offer their customers for having regretted paying a subscription with the company.