How to cancel Omega XL subscription?

Omega XL has been a supplement used by millions of older adults looking to revitalize their bodies and joints. The most famous supplement brand in the United States offers many benefits.

By getting a subscription, you can reach a considerable amount of their products, with special offers and faster access to them. However, several users have complained about the brand and its dubious effectiveness.

Why cancel my Omega XL subscription?

This company is so influential among senior citizens; recently, although it has offered new types of supplements, and innovative ingredients, more and more complaints it receives. Such as negative opinions about its false benefits.

Some people have also commented that certain side effects are not even mentioned in the small print on the packaging. Such as excessive fluid accumulation, causing you to lose a slim figure.

Also, the prices are excessively high for other fatty acid supplements, which can also be quite positive—being the purchase more for the brand name than for quality.

How can I cancel my subscription to the supplement brand?

You have to know that you can’t use just any method. The company has only granted two ways to remove your subscription. It can be by a phone call with automated customer service or email.

To start with the procedure, you must have data that will help the operator to identify your account. That way, he will know who you are and avoid fraud.

For the development of the call, you need to be clear about the reason for the cancellation, the last four digits of your card, the date of the previous charge and the amount of the order. You must have all this. Otherwise, you may not get your cancellation.

How to cancel by phone call?

After you have all the above information, you will dial 1-800-488-8082. This call is fully automated, while you choose what you want to do and, in the case of cancellation, if an operator attends you.

After listening to the entire automated message, select option number 3 on your phone. You will have to wait a few seconds while redirected to the Omega XL representative.

Once the operator has attended to you, explain that you wish to cancel your subscription and the reason for your decision. After you have confirmed the cancellation, ask for your refund.

Then it would help if you asked any questions you may have about the cancellation of the subscription, such as whether you will recharge your card for the monthly fee. Provide the representative with all the information related to your account.

Finally, it is vital that to avoid any problems, you ask for a confirmation of the cancellation by email, where the date and time are established. Because if an incident occurs, you will have legal confirmation from the company.

Do not discard the confirmation given to you by Omega XL. It is relevant to have it to solve any inconvenience quickly.

How can I cancel my Omega XL subscription by mail?

If you are one of those people who dislike communicating through phone calls or simply talking, requesting by mail is perfect for you. It has many benefits, such as not having to be on the phone to wait for confirmation.

Take your computer or PC and open your email and start the writing process. The address you will send it to is, be careful writing it down because if you send it to the wrong one, you will not receive a reply.

In the subject line, put “Unsubscribe request” and write the reason for your cancellation together with all your data associated with the account. You must ask for the confirmation to be sent back to you.