How to cancel OurTime membership?

Dating apps have been implemented since the beginning of this century as an alternative to meet new people, increasing within the current decade. However, some users have not managed to cancel their memberships, as in OurTime.

Therefore, if you find yourself in this segment is because you have come to the right place to fulfil your task. Here you will find out how to stop enjoying the benefits of this company in a short time and without any management.

They say that once you’re in, you can’t get out. Is it true?

If you have had the opportunity to get to know the world of virtual dating, you must have lived the experience. Whether you have found the one who seems to be the love of your life or you have given up on love, you are probably looking to get away from it.

Every user will understand a different reason or opinion for wanting to cancel a subscription to this kind of site. However, most companies do not fully explain how to carry out the cancellation.

So, don’t be so easily swayed; everything has a solution. In this segment, you will find alternatives and answers to your doubts about how to carry out the procedure and not fall into third-party traps.

Still, have doubts? Reasons to cancel your membership

As mentioned above, each user’s experience on this platform is unique. But none is less reasonable than another; the mind is a wide universe, where sometimes you need help to clear ideas.

While you still don’t understand why it is necessary to cancel the service, here are some reasons why you might do so. Of course, these are subjective ideas, as each scenario is different:

  • If you understand about a payment plan, you can save yourself a good investment in the medium and long term
  • You will be able to meet more and better online dating services than OurTime
  • If you gave up on love, you could find other alternatives to find the person you are looking for
  • You will have more time to enjoy life than through a screen
  • If you find the one who would be your ideal partner, you will save yourself a lot of trouble in the future to avoid misunderstandings

Alternatives to unsubscribing from the OurTime dating site

You have two ways to do it. What’s the difference? The kind of cancellation services you can take. Firstly, depending on your needs, you can withdraw temporarily or forever.

Temporarily suspend your subscription within the appointment system

If your option is to cancel your plan for a limited time, this is the best choice. You can suspend it. However, you will not have the protection of having cancelled it permanently.

You must enter the official website and log in with your subscribed username and password.

ourtime login

Immediately, when the window opens, go to “My Account Settings” and scroll to the bottom of the page to select “to suspend or delete the account, click here”.

Next, choose “Suspend my account”. To complete the process, confirm the action in the pop-up window.

Permanently get rid of your OurTime membership in simple steps

If you want to cancel your plan or delete your account forever, you will have to start the same way as in the previous process. However, you must go to “Manage my subscription” under “My account settings”.

You will need to confirm your selection to continue. The cancellation will be completed when you see the message “the automatic renewal of your subscription has now been canceled”.

Likewise, if you wish to delete your account, you will do the same, but press “Suspend/Delete page“. Continue by selecting “to delete your account and permanently remove your profile from the site, click here”.

You must fill in a form with all the requested data to confirm the option. You will send a confirmation message to your email to verify that the process has been successful.