How to Cathay Pacific cancellation?

Destiny sometimes works against people; even cancelling or postponing a flight can become a journey. So, if you don’t already know about it, you can learn about the Cathay Pacific cancellation process within this segment.

How can you cancel your Cathay Pacific flight ticket?

As rightly mentioned at the beginning of this segment, the task of cancelling a scheduled flight can be confusing. However, there are companies like Cathay Pacific that will be able to make it easier if you enjoy their services.

If you have purchased one or more tickets from the said airline and find yourself in such a situation, it is known to be the least pleasant feeling for the customer. In concrete terms, you must go to the company to make the request and claim.

Don’t worry, and don’t feel pressured; the agents are trained to meet your every need and request. So, the request to cancel your purchased tickets is no exception.

Steps to request cancellation of your flight ticket

If you have booked a ticket with Cathay Pacific and you wish to cancel it, you have probably heard that you will not have to pay any fees. However, this only applies to reservations affected by the pandemic.

Please note that if you have already exchanged or reissued your ticket previously, you can cancel without charge if you are eligible for the free service. Also, please note that it does not apply to tickets that have been refunded.

The process is simpler if you have booked your flight through the company’s official online platform, smartphone application or contact centre. To do so, you must log in and look for the “Manage Booking” option.

Those with denominations that have booked “Vantage Pass”, “Student Fares“, or “Senior Fares” tickets should go directly to the contact centre. When they are conversing with the agent, they should make the request.

By performing the process on online platforms or apps, you will be able to handle the cancellation first-hand as a customer. On the other hand, if you go to a contact centre, the executives will be responsible for carrying out the entire process.

Another detail to consider is that if the flight you booked is not operational, the company will reimburse the amount of your ticket in full. However, there are other options:

  • You can change the ticket within your “Manage Booking” for another date if you want to continue the trip. On the condition that it is before the departure date so as not to pay the no-show penalty
  • If you do not know when you will be able to fly again, you can change your ticket to credits with the value of the ticket. You will then have the option to redeem them in the future for other bookings

What if you booked through a Travel Agency?

If you booked your Cathay Pacific flight with specialized companies as mediators, you would need to contact them to arrange the cancellation of the ticket. The particular airline is unable to process the refund in such cases.