How to cancel Archives subscription?

The Archives platform offers a unique service among the bunch because it lets you see your family tree and history by knowing your first name, last name, and state of origin.

It is impressive, but the truth is that it is one of those memberships that you only use for three days in a row, and then you get bored or can’t find an important function.

How can I cancel my Archives subscription?

There are multiple ways to do it, and you don’t have to choose all of them; you can select the one you like best and start the process. The best thing is that each option is very customer-friendly, and you won’t waste hours doing it.

One of the best-known ways for your cancellation is through DoNotPay, phone, email, or online from the platform. The choice is up to you and what makes it easier for you.

Cancellation by phone

The most orthodox but easiest way is by phone call. Before you call, please have your account password and social security number ready because the automated system will ask for them.

Now, you will go from your phone dialer and enter 888-896-4442, the number that belongs to Archives and their customer service system. When you initiate the call, you will be greeted with a welcome and a series of options.

Activate the option on your dialer phone during a call and press the two keys after the operator stops talking. You will be prompted to enter the last four digits of your social security number.

From there, it will begin removing the membership, and you will hear an automatic message when it is ready.

Unsubscribe using DoNotPay

One of the most demanded ways by Archives clientele when canceling all services is because of the speed it offers as opposed to the original company’s care system.

The first thing you need is the DoNotPay application in your browser. When you enter it, you should look for an option called “Find Hidden Money,” There, the platform will ask you to enter the service you want to cancel.

In the inbox offered by DoNotPay, type and hit confirm. Your request will automatically be sent to the company’s team, and you will receive an email confirming the cancellation after a while.

How can I unsubscribe by email?

It is easy to do this method, but not fast, as the delivery of the confirmation of the cancellation of your membership can take several days.

The Archives company offers an email address where you can contact them for any support issues regarding your account, which is, where you can get them just by entering them in your inbox.

But you can’t just send a message without any reason or identification; the team needs to know who you are. At the beginning of the message, put all the information about your account that verifies your identity.

Then write all your problems and ask them to cancel your membership so they can do it for you.

Cancel your subscription online

Have your account information ready and log in to the Archives website, so you can log in and start the cancellation.

archive loggin

After logging into Archives, click on “My Account” and go to the help option at the bottom.

At the very bottom is a link that says “Membership and Billing” go there and open the cancellation form. Fill it out and verify that all your personal information is correct, then click on “Cancel membership.”

Can I get a refund when I cancel my subscription to Archives?

Archives do not give any refund for the cancellation of membership because when you have done it, you have consumed several days of it. The only thing you do when you cancel is to avoid automatic billing when a new month comes around.

But as most cancellation processes take several days, it is recommended that you cancel at least three days before the month’s expiration since your card may be charged for the renewal when it has not been deleted.