How to cancel Assurant Policy?

Perhaps you have come across companies that offer services that are better suited to your needs and insurance coverage, or you don’t feel comfortable with their service. So, you must cancel your current insurance policy to purchase another one instead of renewing it. Assurant does not charge cancellation fees, which means it will refund you for the time you paid for insurance that has not been used.

Assurant does not charge cancellation fees, which means it will refund you for the time you paid for that has not been used. Want to change your insurance provider? Want to cancel your Assurant policy? Here’s how to do it.

How to cancel your Assurant insurance policy coverage?

For this process, remember to have all the information of your account at hand to indicate it to the person who requests it. It is recommended not to have a space of time between the end of the coverage of an insurance policy and another one; that is to say, the cancellation date must be the same as the end of the lease or have a new insurance policy ready before canceling the previous one.

Cancel by phone

With a few simple steps, you can cancel your Assurant insurance policy; depending on the time of day, there may be more or fewer calls. Therefore, there may be waiting for lines.

First, call 1-800-432-8612 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm; to reach Assurant’s customer service department, press option 5 when prompted. When you contact the operator, indicate that you wish to cancel your insurance policy and indicate the date on which you will cancel your policy.

The operator will ask for your information to confirm your identity, do not forget to request the corresponding refund. Finally, ask for a confirmation email to be sent to you once your insurance policy has been canceled. And that’s it!

How to cancel the insurance policy with DoNotPay?

Since the only way to manually cancel the policy is via telephone, many times the queues are very long, which can be inconvenient; it may be the case that you have to wait long to be attended by an operator at times of high influx of calls. Therefore, there is the alternative of using the DoNotPay app, with which you can cancel your policy on your smartphone.

You must first enter the app page, select the “Find Hidden Money” option and enter “Assurant” as the service you want to cancel.

You can also cancel the Assurant policy by going to their offices!

Another alternative you can use is to go personally to the nearest Assurant office, complying with the biosecurity norms during office hours. You can go to the office, which will gladly attend to you and quickly solve all your requirements. Assurant has 26 offices throughout the United States, and the main office is in New York.