How to cancel BeachBody subscription?

Although it is an option to train with an online routine from a website or app, going out to a gym and doing physical activity will always be a better option. Because of this, if you want to cancel your BeachBody membership, we’ll show you the easiest methods.

There are two options to unsubscribe from BeachBody

These two methods are the most effective ways to unsubscribe from BeachBody. The important thing is to follow the steps one by one to avoid mistakes:

Call customer service

There is a way to cancel your subscription through your cell phone; you only have to dial the BeachBody customer service number: 800-470-7870, requesting an agent to attend to the cancellation request.

When the representative answers the call, he or she will ask for your personal information and any information about the account, so it is ideal to have it handy before making the call.

The agent will ask if you want to schedule the cancellation for a certain specific date or if you want it to be canceled as soon as possible. Finally, they will confirm that your account has been canceled via the email you provided when they made the data request.

Cancel on the website

Enter the BeachBody website portal, register your user data, and log in.

After being inside your profile, look for the icon to manage accounts; this will display other options such as “memberships and subscriptions.”

If we click on it, we will be able to cancel it, the platform will reaffirm your decision with another button to press, and that’s it; you will be unsubscribed from this application.

When does the cancellation take effect?

It is known that when subscribing to any application or community, it has a start date and an expiration date, and BeachBody is part of this package. If you cancel your subscription, it will be effective immediately, but you will continue to use your content until the cut-off date of the unsubscribed subscription has arrived.

Does BeachBody provide a refund after cancellation?

No. The managers state in the contract that they are not responsible for a refund if you cancel your subscription to this service. It is important to read the terms and conditions before subscribing.

What are the links to the memberships?

One feature that makes it appealing to users is that they have different training and meal plans with longer time intervals. That is to say, you can choose a membership that is three months if you are a newbie so that you can complete it and not give up because the training is too hard.

As you can also opt for an annual membership, it is recommended that you are an experienced and consistent person.

Why stay with BeachBody?

The attractive thing about BeachBody and why people have subscribed to their app is that it not only focuses on the workout or physical routines; they also elaborate or offer a diet plan so that these two go hand in hand.

It offers videos and music to enjoy or recreate in your hours with them. They also can offer dietary or light products according to your diet.