How to cancel BirchBox subscription?

Given the high demand, many stores and brands have opted for online service through applications, but belonging to all of them can be costly. Although BirchBox offers a practical and innovative service for its customers, contemplating the possibility of unsubscribing doesn’t sound so crazy if you don’t use the service or you find it an unnecessary expense.

You can unsubscribe from BirchBox as follows.

This platform offers one of the easiest ways to cancel your account if you do it within the timeframes indicated in the chosen package. To unsubscribe from the services, you must log in to your BirchBox account profile with your associated data.

You must locate the menu bar and click on it on the open page. When you do so, a smaller window will pop up where you will get the “subscription” option.

You will be presented with the option to be able to modify the subscription, in this enters the process we want to carry out, the cancellation. Click on “cancel subscription,” and that’s it! Your procedure will be carried out.

Why do people cancel their BirchBox subscription?

People unsubscribe from this platform because sometimes they are unsatisfied with their BirchBox, and when requesting a refund, the company does not cover the costs.

It is the customer who must bear the costs involved. In addition, if you are not looking forward to receiving the next BirchBox in transit, you cannot postpone its shipment.

Due to the time limits of your membership, you cannot stop it in the middle of the agreement. If you wish to unsubscribe and choose the more than a one-month package, you will have to wait until you are in the last month of the subscription to cancel.

How long does your membership last?

The platform offers a membership with a monthly term to belong to this account dedicated to women and their aesthetic beauty; at the end of the month, the account is renewed, and the subscription must be canceled.

To avoid that, when you cancel the account, you will have a future charge; it is advised that when you download your subscription, it should be before the last days of the month.

There are other longer memberships if you are sure you want to belong to their community for that long; these are for terms of 3 to 6 months or up to a year. And to cancel the membership in them, you will have to wait until the last month of the agreement.

Does BirchBox offer free trials or prizes in their packages?

An important aspect of BirchBox is that they do not offer the customer a small preview of the platform, meaning if you want to belong to their platform, you will have to pay the subscription at once.

However, they give the benefit of every purchase or BirchBox you accumulate; in parallel, money will accumulate in your account to receive a kind of bonus or royalty.