How to cancel Bumble subscription?

Bumble is one of the most recognized dating applications worldwide; it emerges as an alternative to Tinder, but much safer and more serious. However, being a dating app, there are many reasons to cancel your subscription.

Whether you want to unsubscribe because you have already found a partner, because you do not have time for the application, or simply because you are bored, it is essential to understand how to cancel it on all devices.

Unsubscribing from Bumble on iOS devices

To unsubscribe on iOS devices, you need to do it through the Apple Store. Unlike the casual way on Android, on iOS, it is necessary to enter the Apple Store settings to be able to cancel or manage subscriptions.

The first step to performing this cancellation is entering the device’s settings. Once in the settings, you will see your device profile in the first option. You must enter the profile; the profile should have your name and picture.

Once inside the profile, you should select the option called “Subscriptions.” Another window should be displayed with all the applications where you have subscriptions.

To finish, you should select the Bumble subscription, enter it, and click “Cancel Subscription.” You may be asked for confirmation.

Unsubscribing from Bumble on Android devices

Previously, you could unsubscribe from Bumble directly in your app. For several months now, that has changed, and new subscriptions must be made now through Google Play. Therefore, new users of Bumble on Android must log in to the Play store app. The application is to be located in the menu of the device.

Select the Google profile picture or icon in the upper-right corner when entering the app. When you click on it, it will display several options, and among them, you must choose “Payments and subscriptions.”

After selecting it, several more options will appear, and among them, click on “subscriptions.” When entering the subscriptions tab, all the subscriptions inside the device will be visible.
Select the Bumble subscription and click on the “cancel” option. If further steps are required, they must be completed. It can vary quite noticeably depending on the Android version.

Canceling the subscription paid by credit card or PayPal account

Older Android users did not have the opportunity to subscribe via the Play store app. Therefore, they had to make a manual subscription directly in the application, and to cancel it; they must do it the same way.

First, they must enter the Bumble app. In it, they must visualize and select the profile icon from the menu in the upper-left corner. At that moment, it should display several options.

Next, select the “My Payment Plan” option. Next, choose whether you are subscribed to the Boost or Premium plan. It should display an opportunity to cancel, and you should select it.