How to cancel CenturyLink?

If you don’t belong to a social network community, you don’t exist. CenturyLink continues to grow as the days go by, and we have become more involved.

The connection has become essential for many aspects of daily life. Making sure we have the best service that allows us to stay connected every minute is essential, and that’s why you may want to unsubscribe from your CenturyLink, to contact another company.

Step-by-step ways to cancel CenturyLink

Canceling our CenturyLink account could take a few minutes, so the explanation will also be simple.

Cancel CenturyLink on the website

Log in to the official My CenturyLink portal.

It is important to note that this case is not feasible for everyone because not all accounts have the option available. Therefore, you should make sure by logging in to your profile.

If your profile has the option, look for the “Disconnect Service” option. Click and follow the steps to complete the cancellation process.

You can also go to customer service!

This is the oldest method but, at the same time, the most effective. Consult or request it using a call. We can dial the following number: 800-244-1111, and the CenturyLink customer service representative will answer the call.

To save time, it is advisable to have the documents or data nearby to dictate to the CenturyLink representative to start processing the cancellation request.

After you are done with it, make a note that you need confirmation to ensure that your account has been terminated.

Why do some people decide to cancel this service?

This company is famous and recognized worldwide for how complete it is. It might be hard to think why people would cancel their services, but we will discuss some of them.

If you buy the service from CenturyLink, they may suggest that you buy the installation equipment from the company itself. The action would be a good idea because they should work as they are custom-built.

However, even if the equipment is excellent, the downside is that you would have to find and hire a technician for installation on your own, as CenturyLink does not include this with the service purchase.

You may be able to get reimbursed depending on your plan

The company can be rated on this aspect as 50% good and 50% bad because the reimbursement will depend on the plan you purchased.

Then, it would be a matter of reading and verifying the conditions and policies at the time of signing the contract, to see if the plan you are buying consists of a refund if you wish to cancel it.