How to cancel Cinemax subscription?

When you buy a paid membership like Cinemax, you expose yourself to all kinds of flaws or bugs, as you don’t know how it will come or if it has everything to hold your attention, as it deserves for the whole time it lasts.

You may have become bored with the platform and prefer to cancel your subscription because you do not want an active membership that you will not use, nor do you have anyone to give it to.

How can I cancel my Cinemax membership?

The procedure will depend on the method you use to access the cancellation website since the interface and options change depending on the device.

It is important to know that, even if you cancel your subscription, you will not get any refund; you will only get that your credit card will not be charged for the following months, and you will still enjoy all the services until the period is over.

Can I cancel my subscription from my PC?

Yes, you will need to do this from the Amazon website and click on the button in the upper-right corner, which will display a menu called Accounts and Lists.

amazon cinemax Among all the options, you will see a Login option where you must click to add your account information obtained when you purchased the service. Enter them, and the page will redirect you to the home page.

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Go again to the Accounts and lists menu and enter the option of memberships and subscriptions; this will move you to a menu where at the end, appears the text Prime Video Channels; that’s what you are looking for.

Enter the Prime Video Channels section and look for the Cinemax option. When you press it, it will show you the link to cancel the subscription. The Amazon website will probably ask you why you are canceling, and if you have any complaints, this is optional to answer and is at your discretion.

What if I have a phone? How do I cancel my subscription to Cinemax using it?

You will need a mobile device compatible with the Amazon Prime app, which is not a problem because the gap between phones that are not is very short. Then you will download the app and open it to start the process.

It will ask you for your login information; enter it and click on the option to log in. After doing so, you will realize that the interface is different from the web platform, but do not panic because it is an easy procedure.

On your phone screen, you will see a button with three stacked lines; tap it to display a menu where the app’s main settings are. Tap where it says “My Account” and select the Memberships and subscriptions option.

A list of subscriptions will appear, but you must scroll down to the bottom where it says Don’t see your subscription? Enter the link and tap where it says “Prime Video Channels” Look for Cinemax and hit the cancel button below the name.

What if none of the methods work?

When the company’s automated methods don’t work, the only option is for them to do it for you. You will need to call the customer service number 000 1 206-922-0880, report the errors the platforms gave you, and tell them to make the cancellation.

You can also contact the customer service group through the email offered on the Amazon Prime website, where you will have the facility to explain your situation in detail. Within days, you will receive a message from an advisor or do it from the application.

On the Amazon website, there is an option for a contact page, where you will be asked to choose from a list of options the problem that most closely resembles yours. Then tap where it says Tell us more.

You must place specific commands in the drop-down menus: Prime, membership management, and change Prime auto-renewal.