How to cancel Curiosity Stream?

Sometimes it is necessary to unsubscribe from those applications we do not dedicate time to or use. If Curiosity Stream is among the platforms you have forgotten about, or if it has started to give you problems, here’s how to unsubscribe.

Unsubscribe from Curiosity Stream via the website as follows

The first step is to log in to the official Curiosity Stream website. Log in with your personal information.

Once inside your profile, please move to the bar at the top of the page and click on it.

There you will see a panel with the “My Account” box. When you click there, it will bring up another window full of settings that you can make to the account; choose the option that talks about your membership.

A box will appear that says “cancel membership,” and Curiosity Stream asks for an explanation as to why the customer is deciding to cancel their membership. Choose the reason that most closely identifies with the situation.

A window will then appear in the center of the screen with the cancellation confirmation code for your account and the subscription’s end date.

Cancel it faster through the Google Play Store!

Open the Curiosity Stream app from your smartphone. Sign in with your username and password that belong to the account. Locate the settings icon.

Upon opening, you will see the “manage account” section after tapping on it. You will be taken to the Google Play Store on your device, where you can see the different app subscriptions you belong to.

When you find the one for Curiosity Stream, next to it, you will have the button that says “unsubscribe.”

The application will show you the other instructions to unsubscribe and the confirmation of the unsubscription when it becomes effective.

However, you will be able to go through this procedure and continue using the platform’s service until the cut-off date of your subscription. From that moment on, the cancellation will be effective in its entirety.

What are the advantages of being part of the Curiosity Stream community?

This platform offers varied audiovisual content and assorted fees depending on the streaming quality. For example, the account subscription to watch in high definition is around $6 per month, and to watch in 4k, it costs $10.

Their content is said to be aimed at the specific audience of adults and youth. If you have children at home, they cannot enjoy this service, at least not without the supervision of their parents or guardians.

Since it focuses on programs about science, it appeals mainly to research enthusiasts. However, many people do not use the platform because of the belief that all such information can be found in online browsing.

Unlike other platforms that offer a full month free trial to test their material, Curiosity Stream only gives a 7-day free trial.