How to cancel Daily Burn?

The subscription to this little-known platform Daily Burn is not very different from any other application; therefore, canceling the subscription is not a major complication.

It is worth noting that after the Daily Burn account is suspended if the user wants to belong to the audience of this app again, he can reactivate his account.

Steps to follow to cancel your email subscription

If you intend to request a cancellation of your Daily Burn, the company provides the facility of communication via email (

Compose a message to daily burn’s email address requesting to cancel your subscription and detailing the reasons for your decision. An agent of the company will answer your request and request account information to make the cancellation.

The user should then request a code or proof that their account has been suspended and forward the email address to the agent. For security purposes, please keep the confirmation information provided to you. You can cancel your Daily Burn account at the website.

Click where the login box appears on the home page

Enter the official website and add your username and password.

daily burn login

Upon entering the profile, a boot will appear at the bottom that tells the buyer, “no thanks, cancel.” Next, it will open another option that will say “confirm,” and they must double-click there.

Finally, the company will send the information giving security of your cancellation; it is a priority to keep it reserved in case of inconvenience.

You can call customer service!

If you have any problems canceling your subscription in the ways explained above, you can call Daily Burn customer service at (256) 348-1724.

A Daily Burn agent will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you through the process.

How can I reactivate my subscription?

An outstanding feature of Daily Burn is that, if the buyer has previously decided to cancel the subscription on the platform, they provide the opportunity to resume it; you have to do the following.

Enter the Daily Burn page and get the option “account settings.” When you enter it, there will be a panel, and one of the indicators will open where it will say “reactivate subscription.” There you will also be able to see the variety of prices and packages available.

Why cancel the subscription?

It is a reality that this application has a very high membership cost; it is valued at $19.95 per month, a reason why many users decide to cancel or unsubscribe. Another reason is that as it is updated, the platform presents problems, and customer service is slow to respond to their concerns.