How to cancel DAZN subscription?

There are different ways to proceed to cancel your Dazn account subscription; everything will depend on how you want to do it, either from your cell phone, your laptop, or even your Smart TV. The process is simple, so there is nothing to worry about.

Cancellation through the Danz website

Go to the official website and log in with your account.

sign in dazn

Upon logging in, look for the menu option commonly located at the top of the webpage and go where it says “Subscription.” You will see in this section “unsubscribe,” to which you will click on the option “unsubscribe.”

After logging in, Dazn will ask you for a summary of why you are leaving the platform.

And to finish the whole process, Dazn will send you a message to your email (registered in the user) assuring you that the cancellation of your account was successful.

Process of cancellation by the APP

From your phone to cancel the registration of this app will be much simpler; you only have to:

  • Log into your account by entering your username and password that were created at the time of subscription
  • When you log in, look in the settings and select the area that registers “account.”
  • Next, you will see a panel with different options; click on the option that says cancel subscription

What does it mean to cancel your Dazn account?

There are applications that, when you cancel your subscription, usually have problems with the customer; since they are not responsible if this was done before the cut-off date, Dazn is not one of them.

When performing the whole procedure of your account subscription, it does not become inactive instantly, but rather the whole period that you have to expire, your account rental will be active, and the cancellation will take effect after that date.

Another aspect to consider is that to execute all this management, you will have to do it through the web page or if you have the application installed since the customer service through the telephone is currently not active.

Alternative to cancel the subscription to Dazn

You should know, however, that Dazn offers the public the service of a free trial to its platform for one month so that users can view their content and then see if they subscribe to it or not; however, this free trial also has its cancellation process, since you still make registration on it.

On the other hand, if the reason to cancel your Dazn account has to do with the problem of not being able to pay your monthly fee currently, it is not exactly necessary to go to the extreme of unsubscribing.

In addition to having several monthly or annual plans, it also offers the option to pause it. In this process, you can enter your account, search in your settings, and, among the options, you will find the option to pause the service, which will also be effective on the day you are charged for the rent.

This procedure has a period determined by the user when the account will be activated again.