How to cancel DirecTV subscription?

Like any other private satellite TV service, DirecTV is declining thanks to the plethora of platforms with higher-quality content. If you noticed this, you must be excited to cancel your subscription.

Why cancel your DirecTV subscription?

As mentioned at the beginning, the rise of streaming platforms has led to a high rate of user defection. And it is for several simple reasons:

  • You save more than 50% by paying for a screen of such platforms than continuing to be a DirecTV user
  • They seek to obtain a greater breadth and quantity of content compared to the repetitive channels
  • It is more convenient for users to manage a simpler system
  • DirecTV tends to be more demanding; most tracks have a fixed schedule and do not play what the viewer wants

Methods to cancel your subscription without investing a lot of effort

Like any other service, it comprises several customer service alternatives to meet the user’s needs, even when cancelling subscriptions. Therefore, here are some of the options to cancel your DirecTV subscription.

Customer Care: look into cancelling your subscription via phone call

You can find the company’s contact line when you turn on your TV or within the application or online platform. When you call, you will be answered by a representative to carry out the process.

In simple terms, this is the traditional way to cancel the service. You must press the keypad number corresponding to your desired option when requesting. Then, when you hear “Cancel service”, access the option.

Immediately, you will be asked the reasons for the request, and you will be asked to speak with the retention department until an agent in the office responds. It is a somewhat cumbersome process but necessary to continue.

Explain the motive with a simple reason which allows you to cancel the service. It is not superfluous to announce that you must decline any additional offers or inquiries. Once the company agrees and completes the process, you will be asked to return your equipment to the facility.

Once completed, pay the cancellation fee, which is approximately $15. Upon completion, contact customer service again to verify that the cancellation of your contract has been completed.

Cancelling your subscription through the DirecTV Now website

This version is much simpler than the previous one. You must go to the official website and click “Sign In” and “Account Overview”.

sign in directv

Once there, log in with your username and password.

When the window opens, select the icon that corresponds to your profile, and you will see a drop-down menu. Next, click on “User Account” and find and select “Manage My Plan”, which will display a list of links related to your subscription.

You will see the “Cancel plan” box you need to click on, which will open a pop-up window. There you will write the reason for the cancellation of your plan by selecting or specifying it in the box. And finally, click “Cancel now”.

With that, you are done, and in 24 hours, you will completely cancel your subscription. You should note that if you requested 19:00, it would be processed on the next business day.