How to cancel Disney Plus?

Disney Plus became one of the most important streaming and entertainment platforms worldwide. With the purchase of so many rights and companies, they needed their virtual platform!

However, Disney Plus has been wrong in all its actions, so many choose to cancel their subscription through different options.

Cancel Disney Plus subscription through the browser

The option to unsubscribe from Disney Plus through the browser is equally valid for both computers and mobile devices. The first step is to open the official Disney Plus page to cancel the subscription.

Once inside the page, you must log in with your account by entering your email address and password.

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You will find the login button in the upper-right corner of the home page.

log in disney

Once logged in, you must go to your profile in the upper-right corner. When you select the profile, it will display a menu with several options; among the options, you must select the “Account” option and press it.

Select your Disney Plus subscription in the new window and click on the “Cancel” option. Disney will want to know why you want to cancel the subscription and will show you an optional survey to explain the reason for your cancellation.

Completing the survey is not mandatory, and whether you do or not, you must confirm your cancellation one last time, and you are done.

All of the above is only valid for those who have subscribed to their credit card account. The process has several aspects for those who created their account through a third party’s card.

Unsubscribe in iTunes

This option is valid for those who subscribe through their iTunes account. If this is the case, you must go to your device’s settings and press your name at the top of the screen to access your account.

When you are inside your iTunes account, you must locate the “subscriptions” option and select it. Among all the subscriptions, you must choose Disney Plus. To finish, locate the “Cancel subscription” option and select it.

Cancel your subscription Disney Plus to Android

Like the iPhone, this option is only valid for people who subscribe to Google Play. To cancel their Disney Plus subscription, they must be logged into the Google session that opened the account.

They must enter the Play Store app and select the icon or profile picture. It should be located in the upper-right corner, with a profile picture for those with one or a random icon.

When you select the profile, it will display several options on the screen, and among them, you must choose the one called “subscriptions,” “payments and subscriptions,” or “My subscriptions.”

All three options are the same; only, depending on the Android version of the device, the name of the option may vary slightly, in one of the above or similar.

Having selected the appropriate option, all that remains is to find the Disney Plus subscription and choose an option to manage it. It is usually under the name “manage” or a similar one.

Finally, having entered the configuration or administration of the subscription, select an option called “Cancel subscription.” You must confirm if necessary, and you will finish the process.

Will I not be able to enjoy the account since its cancellation?

No. By canceling the subscription, you are only canceling the next subscription payment. The account will remain open as long as it is not manually deleted.

Therefore, when you cancel the subscription, you can continue to enjoy the service until the end of the current subscription period. At the end of the canceled subscription period, you will no longer pay the account and will no longer be able to use the platform.