How to cancel eHarmony subscriptions?

The methods to find love do not have to have limitations. That is why one of the most used nowadays is online dating applications or websites where it is possible to find the ideal person without leaving home. One of the best-known websites is eHarmony.

However, many cancel their subscriptions despite being so well known and used. To unsubscribe from this dating site, you need to know the steps to take it.

Is it difficult to cancel a subscription to eHarmony?

Although many digital services can put many obstacles to canceling your subscription, this is not the case with eHarmony. It is a platform with wide open doors if you prefer to leave.

To unsubscribe, you only need to log in to the eHarmony page by entering your registered email and password. You can also log in through Facebook.

eharmony unsubscription

After logging in, in the profile located in the upper-right corner, you must select the settings option; it can be “My settings,” “account settings,” or “data and settings.” Once inside the configuration, you must select the “Modify subscription” option and then enter the password to be able to verify the process.

When you enter this section, you should find a button with the option to “Cancel my subscription.” This option is located at the bottom of the page. Finding it is not difficult.

After clicking unsubscribe, you must complete a series of simple steps to confirm the transaction and ensure that you are no longer subscribed to the dating site. Upon completion, you will no longer be subscribed.

Will I no longer be able to log in to eHarmony after unsubscribing?

In the case of eHarmony, unsubscribing only refers to removing the automatic renewal of the service. In other words, the person will no longer be charged for their subscription from time to time.

The person can continue to enjoy their current subscription while it ends. If the subscription is charged on the 30th of each month, and they cancel it on the 1st, they can continue to use the site for 29 more days.

At the end of the last subscription period, the person will no longer have access to all the services available on the website. If you wish to enjoy them again, you must re-subscribe from 0.

If I owe some payments, will they not be charged?

The eHarmony subscription cancellation process is simple; it does not mean people with outstanding payments will be let go without being charged.

Although it is possible to cancel the subscription, the website will still charge these payments even if you have outstanding payments. They can be charged when you deposit money into your affiliate account.

Isn’t uninstalling the application enough to cancel the subscription?

Although this article discusses the website, eHarmony also has an Android app; although it may seem logical, the subscription is not canceled automatically when the application is uninstalled.

It is necessary to enter the application and the profile by pressing the profile icon in the upper-right corner to unsubscribe on Android devices. Then click on “Payments and subscriptions.”

When entering “Payments and Subscriptions,” the “Subscriptions” option must be selected together with the subscription to be canceled. Finally, select the “Cancel Subscription” option and follow the other steps on the screen to confirm.

In the case of Apple, you must delete it by entering the iTunes subscription settings. Please get in touch with Apple directly if the option to delete the eHarmony subscription is unavailable in the iTunes subscription settings.