How to cancel Epix subscription?

The Epix video platform has become very influential in the movie market due to the amount of entertainment offered. Many people love using the portal for the enjoyment of family and friends.

But like most companies, they have some disadvantages that place them below others. Epix has suffered several criticisms due to its system functionality, which has caused it to drop in sales.

Why should I cancel my Epix subscription?

Several problems have been reflected in the use of the video platform. Many of its customers have complained that it is necessary to have a compatible cable company to use its services, even if they have already paid for them.

It is frustrating for customers to learn the disadvantage that not every cable service is compatible with Epix. As a result, they end up paying for a subscription they won’t be able to use.

Although it has its app for Smart TV viewing, many people look to Epix because they don’t have the money to buy a Smart TV or Wi-Fi. The ease of having a channel on your cable with all the shows you love gives a lot of excitement.

But compatibility is not the only problem, they supposedly offer a wide range of programs, movies, and series. Users have complained about the lack of variety of content on the platform and that it is not being updated.

There are many entertainment platforms all over the Internet, so it is not recommended to use Epix. Therefore, it is important to know the steps to follow to execute the cancellation.

How can I cancel my Epix subscription from your website?

The methods will vary, depending on where you have subscribed to Epix, and there are different ways to cancel your subscription. The main one is the removal from their website so that it can be easier for you.

Enter the official Epix web portal and log in with your account. Duly enter your username and password.

It would be best to look for the “Contact Us” option upon logging in. When you select it, you will be asked to fill out a form where you will need to provide all the required credentials.

The platform will show you several options to talk; select the one that says “Cancellation Request”. When you press it, you will be sent to another block where you will be asked to enter your supplier. You will enter the provider you have linked Epix and click “Accept“.

Now, click on the send option, and an email will be sent to the Epix support department, where your case will be evaluated.

After a few days, a confirmation of your cancellation will be sent to you, indicating your cancellation date. Several people have complained about the delays in receiving confirmation from Epix, creating interminable waits.

How do I cancel my subscription to Amazon Prime?

Among the most common providers that people use to link to Epix is Amazon Prime. This means it is easy to be able to cancel the subscription. To get started, open the Amazon Prime website and sign in.

Then tap on the “My Account” options and go to the “Manage” section. Choose the button that says “Manage Prime Video channels”; a list of channels will appear, and start searching for Epix.

You will get several options on what to do with the channel you chose; what you need to do is to cancel it. Select the “cancel channel” option to perform the procedure you want to do.

Finally, Prime Video will show you a pop-up window asking you to confirm if you will cancel the subscription. Click “Confirm,” and you are done.