How to cancel Equinox membership?

If you are a physically active person who has trained all your life in a gym, it is normal that you are at the best service. A good gym consists not only of the best machines but a plan attached to it and the presence of a trainer, among others. Equinox represents all this.

You can’t foresee a financial situation that will not allow you to continue paying for your membership. That’s why we’ll give you the tools to cancel your Equinox membership without problems.

Can I cancel my membership without paying an additional fee?

This is a resounding yes; good customer service can be seen when you withdraw from their services. The contract you sign when you join Equinox states that you can cancel your membership, which will not add a charge to your cancellation bill. You can say that the doors to the gym are open for both entering and leaving.

Cancellation Contract

It should be noted that membership cancellation contracts may have different variables. As there are several branches, and each one has different managers that can modify certain rules or regulations within the facilities that govern.

Canceling Equinox membership in person

To make your cancellation procedure, you can go to the Equinox branch where you made your registration. You will be attended by a customer service agent to whom you can express your desire to cancel your membership.

To expedite the procedure, it is best to bring your personal and membership billing documents. That way, they will be able to locate you in their system and will be able to execute the cancellation as quickly as possible. Ask for a receipt of your cancellation.

Canceling Equinox membership by call

If you cannot come to the center to cancel, you can also make your request by phone. Dial the number 866-332-6549, which will take you directly to customer service.

In this process, you will proceed in the same way as above. You will state your desire to leave the membership and explain the reason for this decision. Please have your membership data at hand since you will most likely be asked for it to start the cancellation process. Also, demand a receipt or certificate of cancellation for your support.