How to cancel Fitness 19 membership?

Despite the good services offered by the Fitness 19 membership, you may have decided to cancel this subscription to look for a different service.

Despite being one of the most affordable memberships on the market, some users have accused it of making unnecessary discounts in addition to its monthly fee to their bank accounts. So it does not end up being the most economical or customer-friendly.

How can I stop being a member of Fitness 19 membership?

The customer service offered by this platform is personalized. They seek to be closer to the customer, so most of their requirements can be met in person. But in this article, we will show you that you have three easy methods to cancel your Fitness 19 membership, which are:

Face-to-face service

The safest way to cancel your Fitness 19 membership is to go to any of their offices or gyms with customer service. Fitness 19 has 19 locations throughout the country.

If you subscribe to one of their training centers, you can go to the one closest to your location.  A customer service worker will help you process your cancellation or suspension of service.

Call center or customer service numbers

Fitness 19 has also enabled its customer service by a telephone operator through the telephone line 719-591-9100. The assigned executive will help you with any requirement or doubt regarding the service.

By this means, you will be able to resolve cases such as erroneous credit card charges, freeze your subscription, change the location of the gym you use, and in this case, cancel your Fitness 19 for good. By the way, this service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All you have to do is call the designated number, wait for an answer, and the operator will automatically assign you to a real person. You will express why you no longer wish to belong to the fitness19 club.

They will proceed to ask for your registration data and membership number, and the email address you originally registered with; this is to confirm your identity. It’s as simple as that, if you comply with the requirements, you will be able to stop your subscription to fitness19 club.

Cancels Fitness 19 on its Website

Recently, they have included on their website a way to cancel your subscription to Fitness 19. You must go to their official website and find the “Login” button in the upper-right corner.

fitness 19 login

When you enter, you will be redirected to another web location named MyIclubOnline. Here you must fill in the blanks with your registration data: Username and password.

You must go directly to the “My Agreement Info” section and follow all the instructions. You will be shown how to cancel your membership online without going to the training centers or designated offices.

If you have any problems, call our customer service number at 719-591-9100. They will be happy to help you resolve your issues, retrieve your registration information or cancel your membership directly.