How to cancel Gold’s Gym membership?

Gold’s Gym has too much competition in the gym market, especially in the United States, whose locations have more technology, equipment, additional services, and better customer service. The competition happens even though it is a fitness center with more than 700 locations in the country.

As for its membership, we can say it has a price considerably similar to those offered by other rooms and fitness platforms. However, being in a jungle of similar opportunities, it has ended up a little behind compared to the competition. In addition, many users with their reviews have complained that they do not have adequate customer service for their complaints.

I want to cancel my Gold’s Gym membership now!

For any reason, you wish to cancel your Gold’s Gym membership. If you have already decided that this service is not for you, we will immediately present you with the official forms to cancel your membership. Remember, to make this process go smoothly; you must complete your registration information.


You can go to any of the Gold’s Gym facilities, preferably the one you use regularly or is close to your location. Go to the customer service area and explain the reason for your request.

They will ask you for your ID, membership number, registered email address, associated credit card, and the reasons that motivated you to cancel your membership. After confirming your choice and identity, they will proceed to stop your membership immediately.

Cancel Gold’s Gym subscription via Email

You can also make any claim or management of your Gold’s Gym membership through the Email for customer service. This must be requested at your regular Gym because you cannot find it on their website.

You must also ask for the cancellation form. Once you have it, add all your registration and billing information, you must enter it correctly to continue with the process. When you have your cancellation form ready, please send it to the email address. With this method, your cancellation will be processed within 1 to 2 weeks after sending this Email.

Don’t forget to check your Email affiliated with this membership and verify that you have been assigned a request ticket number. You can also call your regular Gym’s customer service numbers to follow up on your cancellation process.

Method of cancellation by phone

Although all its centers belong to the same franchise, each Gym manages its customer service phone number. Therefore, you must go to your nearest Gold’s Gym to ask for the number to cancel the membership service.

Here you will be attended by a designated worker who will ask for your identity, your registration information, and your affiliated credit card. Explain the reasons for the cancellation of your membership and confirm your choice. This process has a waiting period of approximately two weeks.

Don’t forget to request a tracking number for your case to ensure that the cancellation of your membership is in process. You can also go to the Gym you joined to monitor any eventuality and know the status of your request.

Important details to cancel the Gold’s Gym subscription

In case you have paid in advance for a certain number of months that you have not used by the time of your cancellation. You can apply for a refund of funds.

If you attended regularly and decided to cancel your membership

You can apply for a refund within 15 days after the cancellation request. This condition applies when you paid for a certain number of months in advance but only used a fraction of this period.

If you paid for the membership but did not attend the Gym

In this case, the company has a 90-day money-back guarantee policy. But this only applies if you paid for the membership and did not use it or transfer it to a guest during any paid months.