How to cancel Hand and Stone membership?

Hand and Stone have built an empire of spas across the United States. Gaining fame among all nationals for the multiple services they offer, even in 2017, it was considered the 2nd largest spa chain in the US.

Like any relevant company, they offer monthly memberships in exchange for services you won’t have to pay for while on the site, but by showing your membership code, you will already receive it, but you may want to cancel it.

Is it easy to cancel the Hand and Stone membership?

Over the years, the company has offered different methods to cancel your membership to streamline all the processes so the customer does not waste time. Giving a good farewell to a client means that he will recommend you.

The easiest ways are by phone, mail, website, and DoNotPay. Although each of them has different features, some offer greater benefits in terms of speed than others.

How to cancel by phone?

There’s nothing like talking directly to an operator, and by calling 1-866-889-7866, you’ll be greeted by Hand and Stone’s customer service team. They will offer you all the help you need with the ease of never leaving your home.

When you call and speak to an advisor, ask them to cancel your membership and your account information. The customer service will be able to identify you.

After the person on the phone confirms that the membership cancellation has been made, ask them to email you stating that the cancellation has been completed.

Cancel your membership via email

Hand And Stone’s company offers an email for all support-related issues, which is, it will help you avoid long waiting lists on the phone, and you will only have to wait for the answer to your email.

Write an email explaining your need and why you are requesting the cancellation; attached to it, implement all your account information so they can know who you are and confirm your cancellation.

When they read your request, they will let you know. After approximately five business days, you will receive an email confirming that the cancellation has been executed.

Can I cancel my membership through DoNotPay?

The DoNotPay platform offers membership cancellations almost everywhere in the country; it is considered the Uber of legal services since it streamlines all processes and facilitates an immediate cancellation without extra payments.

You must enter the DoNotPay platform and look for the hidden money section. You must place the service or affiliation you want to remove in the section.

After placing it, the platform will show you a form in which you must enter basic information about yourself and your email address. In the next few hours, you will receive an email informing you that your membership has been removed.

Why cancel my Hand and Stone membership?

As the years have gone by, the US spa chain has been lowering its quality until it has become somewhat orthodox. Because of the type of service they offer, where every day, new methods of massage are coming to the market.

But Hand and Stone have not gone very far from its methods with hot stones and facials; for this reason, it is better to opt for a more technological and complete spa.