How to cancel HBO Now subscription?

The multinational company that over the years has taken over all home televisions now welcomes the digital world where they offer multiple programs on your phone or pc at a good price over the entire market. HBO Now is trending!

But because there are so many streaming platforms worldwide, it is tough to determine who offers better memberships. Therefore, it is normal that if you get one, you regret it, and now you want another application.

How do I cancel my HBO Now membership?

The benefit of the HBO Now cancellation service is that it does not have to be physical since it is online, both from their website and the application. But it will depend on how comfortable you feel and what digital devices you have on hand to do it.

Remove HBO Now membership from the website.

Log in to the HBO Now page and go to the Login section, where it will ask you for your email and password that you got in the past when you purchased the membership.

login hbo now

The interface may change depending on whether you open it on a PC or phone.

Then you will look in the screen’s upper-right corner, where a button called settings is located. It will take you to a list of course options that you can change, improve or downgrade your account.

At the bottom of the interface, you will get a link called “billing information,” where you will find everything related to your invoice, the billing dates, and the cost. In addition, there is a switch called auto-renew.

Turn off the auto-renew switch so HBO will no longer charge your card monthly for your membership renewal. Confirm the change so you can save the new setting in the database.

Removing HBO Now membership from the application

Suspending the contract from the app is simpler and faster for people who handle phones more efficiently. You must have the HBO Now app on your phone and log in. If you are not logged in, you must log in with the account details you created at the start.

Within the interface, a button in the upper-right corner opens a drop-down menu with multiple functions for using the app. Select the settings at the bottom of the menu.

You will see multiple functions for your account or others, but you need to click on the link “billing information,” which will give you several options about your invoices, cutoff dates, payment history, and costs. Click where it says “unsubscribe.”

The company will ask you to detail the reason for your separation from all ties between you and explain why you want to do so. If you have had any complaints, take the opportunity to tell them.

Then you will find a switch to disable the automatic renewal; touch it and hit confirm changes. If you don’t confirm them and exit the app, I don’t know, it will have saved, and you will continue to be charged every month.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, HBO servers work 24 hours daily to ensure the best user experience so you can request cancellation through the website or the app. On the other hand, if it is by email, you must wait at least five days.

But it is always advisable to do it at least three days before the month’s charge because when the new month is due and your request is still in process, the money will be deducted from the associated card.

Although only in those cases could you request a refund, it is preferable to avoid it. Because most companies in the United States may accept the request for a refund, but it will be very late.

Since you need your money, it is best to save that bad memory with the company because they could not pay you your money on time, and you were counting on it. Still, they do pay on time in some cases, but it takes a lot of paperwork and preparation.