How to cancel Instant Checkmate subscription?

You can get all kinds of information on the Internet, but the process becomes more complicated when it is personal. Some sites like Instant Checkmate for that information are difficult to access.

This site is responsible for accessing the most confidential information, such as the criminal records of people registered in the United States. Despite being so beneficial, it is very common when people to want to cancel their subscriptions.

Three methods to unsubscribe from Instant Checkmate

Unsubscribing from Instant Checkmate is particularly easy; it is important to know each method for doing so and through which forms can accomplish it.

By telephone

One of the most convenient ways to unsubscribe from Instant Checkmate is to call the company by telephone. To do so, dial 1-800-222-8985, Instant Checkmate’s customer service number.

You must make the call during the specified hours to be answered. Generally, except for holidays, they are open Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

As soon as you make the call, you will be attended immediately by one of Instant Checkmate’s advisors. The consultant will ask you for personal information such as your name and email address. Both must be the same as those used when adopting the membership.

Via online

For this option, you must click on the “login” option on the official website; you will see a green button to enter it.

checkmate loggin

To log in, you must enter the email address with which you opened your account and the password and click on “Login.”

email checkmate

After you have logged in, you must select the “account” option and go to membership settings. Within the membership settings, you will find the subscription to cancel and an option to do so with the name “cancel a subscription.”

When you click on the unsubscribe option, you will be asked for some data and information to proceed with the cancellation. After entering it, you must select the “send” option, and it will process your request.

Unlike the telephone method, you will not be able to cancel the subscription immediately. A customer service representative must first process it in person, but it usually does not take long.

Unsubscribe from Instant Checkmate via Email

The email method must be handled by a representative and may take up to 48 hours. The normal response time is 24:48 hours after sending the request. To make the request, you must email, requesting the company to process your cancellation. 

In your request, you must enter your first and last names along with the email address used in the creation and affiliation to the company’s account. After being attended by the representative, you delete your subscription.