How to cancel Lumosity subscription?

Lumosity is one of the few companies that make managing your plans and accounts simple and fast. Therefore, canceling your subscriptions within the system will not be a headache compared to other well-known systems.

Having trouble figuring out how to cancel your Lumosity subscription? Here is your solution

If it is your first time performing this kind of procedure, regardless of the background or the reasons behind it, you are in the right place. You need to invest time and use your computer or mobile device to do it.

Carry out the cancellation process through the official website

The main of all the options you have to initiate and close the procedure is via the web.You will have to go to the company’s official website.

lumosity login

Log in with the account linked to the plan or subscription you want to cancel.

lumosity user

When the new window opens, you must select your username, an icon in the panel’s upper-right corner. A menu with different options will immediately appear, and you must select “Account.”

Instantly, the window will load again, showing the page about the account in general. Using your mouse, scroll down the page and find and click on the box labeled “Delete my Account.”

As soon as the process has started, a form will appear on the screen that you will have to fill out, with the main emphasis on the reason for the deletion of the subscription. To confirm and finalize the process, click again on “Delete my Account.”

Cancellation via email addressed to the company.

Cancel with this method is the easiest, but you must be a little more patient. You must enter the Lumosity support page and log in with the linked account to cancel the subscription.

Next, choose the type of request you will make under “General inquiries.” You must enter the email address and the subject again, i.e., “Request cancel my Account.”

You will be asked to fill in a description, where you will have to write the reasons that have led you to cancel your subscription and click on “Send.” The response from the agents will arrive within 24 to 72 hours after the request.

Cancel your Lumosity subscription via your Android or iOS mobile devices

To cancel your Lumosity subscription on Android devices, you must go to the Google Play Store and “Settings.” Once there, select “Manage subscription.”

Within the list displayed, you will only have to look for the Lumosity app and click “Cancel subscription.” And for iOS devices, the process is very similar. You must go to System Settings and tap App Store to enter your Apple ID.

Navigate and scroll down the list looking for “Subscriptions,” and when you find it, tap on it. Next, select “Manage” and search for the app. Then click on the “Cancel Subscription” option to stop billing the service.