How to cancel Match?

Most people who own dating apps like Match, even if they buy memberships, don’t end up using them for very long. There can be many reasons why they stop using these platforms.

These paid subscriptions are quite eye-catching because they give you benefits on how you appear on the map or access to more people, which are possible dates.

How do I cancel my Match subscription from my PC?

There are multiple ways to cancel your membership with match com, as the platform offers various methods. The easiest and most popular method is to cancel your membership from the website via your computer.

You must log in to the official Match website from your PC to start the procedure. After you have logged in, you have to hit the “login” button to access your account in the quickest way.

Now that you have successfully logged in to your Match membership, you need to look for the configuration or settings option. You will be presented with a list of options for modifications that you can make to your account.

Among all the options that appear before your eyes, you should choose “Manage/Cancel membership” so that you can start the deletion process.

Once inside, confirm your intentions to cancel the subscription, and you will be redirected to a series of steps to complete the process. You will need to provide information about the subscription and your identification data to confirm that it is you.

It may ask you the reason for your cancellation, such as if you have already found a partner or if you have not found the application to your liking. It would be best if you answered this so the platform can improve.

In the end, you will get a pop-up window saying an approval message about the cancellation of your subscription, which says, “The automatic renewal of your subscription has now been cancelled”.

You will receive a confirmation email from Match com, which will provide full information about the successful procedure. You mustn’t delete this email to avoid any future problems.

How can I unsubscribe using my Android device?

Subscriptions made via a mobile device always have an intermediary platform that fulfills the role of securing the money of its users and the company. In the case of Android, it is Google Play Store.

You must open the Play Store from the email linked to the Match account. Otherwise, the subscription will not appear. Now that you are logged into the Google platform go to “Account“.

A sliding menu will appear, in which there is a list of available options for you to choose you to prefer; the one you are looking for is “Subscriptions“. Click that button to bring up a page with all your paid memberships.

You may get confused if you are the type of person with many subscriptions simultaneously. After you’ve got the dating app membership, you’ll need to select it.

Once chosen, it will display a list of options on things to do regarding the subscription; choose “Cancel“. It will ask you to confirm your cancellation one last time to ensure you don’t get the wrong application.

Press the “Confirm” button, and the cancellation process will be automatically executed, and you will no longer be charged the Match com monthly fee. Otherwise, you will need to contact Google Play Store support.

How do I cancel my membership from my Apple mobile device?

It is quite similar to the Android method, but they are different in the intermediaries, in this case, the App Store. You need to enter the settings of your cell phone and go to App Store.

You must enter your Apple ID and password, although Touch ID also works. It will show you a list of settings; select “manage subscriptions”. Now you must start looking for the membership you want to cancel.

After you have found Match, at the bottom, you will see the option to cancel the subscription, touch it, and it will quickly start processing.