How to cancel Meetville membership?

Meetville is a very famous dating app in the United States that has been on the market since 2010 and offers a great deal of quick and easy matchmaking and paid memberships to maximize your reach among people.

You may want to cancel your membership because you don’t have the time to use the app, you can no longer afford it because you don’t have the money, or you are no longer interested because you have found a partner.

Can I cancel my Meetville membership?

There are several ways to cancel your Meetville membership, but the only problem is that there are many requirements before you can cancel your membership. The best thing to do is to have them handy so as not to be left out.

Among them is the member’s full name, contact number, date of birth, email, application username, password, billing address, city, zip code, last four digits of the card, and date of the last charge.

Also, you must mention the amount last purchased and the reason for membership cancellation. The cancellation methods can vary according to your preferences, from doing it by email or directly through the app.

How do I cancel my membership by email?

You need to use only the email account affiliated with the Meetville app and compose an email explaining that you are requesting a cancellation of your membership along with the reasons and all the data mentioned above.

In the “Subject” field, put “Request to cancel my Meetville account” and send it to the support email Then if you wish, you can also request that I completely delete your account from photos, names, or history.

You will need to keep this email while you receive the cancellation confirmation email. You must keep the cancellation code you wish to register for in the future.

How do I cancel my Meetville membership through the app?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an iPhone or Android user; you can cancel from both. There are no time restrictions for cancellation either.

To complete this, you must log in to the Meetville dating app, which will display a button with three straight lines in the app’s top-left corner regardless of your phone’s interface.

When you press the button, a drop-down menu will appear with several options, but the one you are interested in is the one that says “my profile” select it and look for a link on the new page that says “account settings” and enter there.

You will find several functions offered by Meetville, but select the one that says, “delete my account.” The platform will ask you for a reason for deleting your account, explain your reasons and accept.

Once you have done this, it is recommended that you delete the Meetville application, as it will probably take up a lot of space that you do not need to use.

When can I cancel my subscription?

Most cancellation services take approximately 3 to 5 days, period the next month within that period falls, and it is necessary to deduct from your card; the system will do it. So the recommendation for everyone making a cancellation is to execute it at least five days in advance and avoid charges to your card that you are not willing to pay.

Do I receive any refund after cancellation?

The company is not responsible for your decision; therefore, it does not have to take any money from you if you withdraw your membership. You will still be able to enjoy the services until the period is over, regardless of the cancellation, but they will not give you any money.