How to cancel Norton subscription?

Norton is such a comprehensive system that allows you to manage your accounts depending on the plan you manage within the platform. If you have reached this point, you will be looking to cancel the company’s service efficiently. Believe us; it’s simple!

Discover the following methods to cancel your Norton subscription

Each person has a different way of thinking. Therefore, the customer’s reasons will be reasonable enough to stop paying for a service that does not satisfy him. First, for these cases, you will need time and a smart device.

Canceling your auto-renewal subscription through the official website

The main and most accessible of all. You will have to enter the company’s official website and log in with the account linked to the subscription you want to cancel. You will have to search and find the option “My Account” in the menu bar redirecting you to a new window.

Then, when you are inside, select “Cancel Subscription Renewal,” which will take you to a pop-up window where you will be asked to confirm your request. You will now have completed the process of canceling your subscription plan.

Requesting a cancellation of annual subscriptions

To cancel your Norton subscription with this type of plan is not very different from the previous one. However, you should be aware of the following; you understand within the first 60 days as a guarantee. You can get your plan amount back if you cancel your application before that period.

Cancel your monthly subscription without problems

The process remains the same on the official website. Once you have canceled your Norton service plan, you have a 14-day guarantee period. You can get a refund if you decide to cancel during that period.

Complete your cancellation request thanks to a telephone support agent

If you don’t have a stable internet connection, don’t worry, you are free to contact technical support with the contact number published on the official platform. You will be placed on hold until a representative or executive becomes available.

When you start talking to them, express your request and the reason for it. The agent will ask you for all the necessary information to complete the process without problems. Be precise with all the information you are going to provide.

Finally, they must corroborate the completion of the process. Or, if this is not possible, an alternative way to solve your problem or provide additional information to the customer.

Unsubscribe on computer

Go to the official website and log in. You should go to the support section and start a chat with the moderator to make your request. When an available agent can contact you, express your wish to cancel the account and ask for the following steps.

As your details are linked to your account, they will generally not ask you any questions. They will immediately send you a confirmation email with the successful cancellation of the product.