How to cancel OrangeTheory membership?

Currently, applications such as OrangeTheory have become very popular, where a service is offered in exchange for a monthly or annual payment, clearly, all through an affiliation. If you want to cancel your subscription, you should know that it is easy and very fast.

Cancel your OrangeTheory subscription with these methods

Disabling the subscription to this platform does not require any complicated procedure; it is much simpler than it seems. Moreover, it can be done from the website itself or also on the mobile application.

How to do it from the website?

It is crucial to consider the place from where you created the account; this will influence the way to cancel the OrangeTheory membership. If it was from the portal, you must disable it from there.

The first thing to do is to open the browser of your choice and go to the web page. Then, log in with the data corresponding to your account.

Once you are inside, in the upper-right corner, you will see a small arrow indicating your profile. By clicking on this icon, you will access the different options available to you.

Among all of them, you will find the “manage subscription” option, and within it, you will see the billing tab. From there, you can cancel your OrangeTheory membership safely and without problems.

It is extremely valuable to know how you registered because if you did it through a third party, the options to remove your contract with OrangeTheory would not appear.

If you have Android, unsubscribe OrangeTheory  like this

If you have registered on an Android device, this subscription is probably linked to your email address. Speaking more precisely, the Google Play Store will provide you with what you need to disable the contract.

You will have to go to the “payments and subscriptions” section, which is present in the menu of your profile. There will appear all the applications where you are registered and with a paid membership, and among them will be OrangeTheory.

It is as simple as looking for it among everyone on the list, pressing it and disabling the monthly payment corresponding to your treaty. Subsequently, the application will disappear from the catalogue.

How to do the same procedure from an iPhone or iPad?

The process is not very different from Android phones; however, on these devices, you will need to have an Apple ID, as memberships are managed through the ID menu.

You must open the “settings” application and tap on the top where your name will be. Once the Apple ID section is open, tap on the “subscriptions” section and cancel the OrangeTheory membership.

If this and the other methods do not work for you, you should contact the platform’s support directly by sending an email. In the letter, you will express to the technical team your desire to remove the contract.

However, if a third party is billing you, the membership can be removed by the billing company. On the same online service page, you will see a link that will give instructions on carrying out this process.

It is also significant to note that there is little ability to cancel the contract without logging in, as you need to log in if you want to access this action. However, you can accomplish this by contacting the support team without opening your account.