How to cancel Peloton membership?

The day has probably come when you think you no longer need these services or are looking to build up a small savings fund by not paying Peloton. For some people, these are tedious procedures, but definitely, they are simple.

If you have decided to take such steps and don’t know where to start, you are welcome to find out. Find some time and some means by which you can communicate to start the process.

Come and learn about alternatives to canceling your Peloton membership!

As you can read above, just having the willingness and some means to contact the company is enough. Likewise, you can cancel it either temporarily or permanently; it will depend on each of your needs.

Should note that temporary memberships have an expiration date, and at the end of the corresponding time, you can choose whether to renew them or not. On the other hand, with unlimited time memberships, you must request the company.

Is it possible to cancel a Peloton unlimited membership?

Go to the online platform and log in to your Peloton account.

peloton login

After that, go to your profile and select “My Account.”

To continue, click “Subscription,” and you will immediately see the option to cancel your subscription. To close the process, you must confirm the cancellation of the Peloton membership.

Even if you have connection problems, you can continue the cancellation process.

When you have problems logging in, you can call the online support available to the entire Peloton community. When you contact an agent, you will need to ask them to cancel your subscription.

They can answer any questions about your account or the platform. Therefore, canceling your membership will not be a problem.

Cancel digital membership with Android

You must access the Google Play Store on your Android mobile devices with your linked account. Once inside, go inside your profile, and in the menu bar, you will be able to visualize the option “Payments & Subscriptions,” and you will have to press it.

On the screen, you will have to select “Subscriptions” again and display a list of services’ different subscriptions and linked applications. Find and choose “Peloton” and click on “Cancel Subscription.” You will then need to confirm the process.

It is possible to cancel your Peloton digital membership with iOS!

A fairly simple process; you’ll have to go into your device’s system settings. To make things even easier, in the options bar, choose “Subscriptions.” When the new list opens, select “Peloton” and click “Cancel Subscription.” As in previous procedures, you must confirm the cancellation to close the procedure.

Roku TV: it can also help you to cancel your digital membership

Have the remote control at hand, as it will be the main tool in this process. Press the “Home” button on the device and navigate the menu until you find the Peloton channel.

You must enter the channel menu options and choose “Manage Subscriptions.” Then choose the option to cancel the subscription, and finish the process by pressing “Done.”

Can I cancel a Peloton membership subscription on Fire TV or Tablet?

It is possible; you have to access the Amazon Appstore and enter the options menu. Choose the “Subscriptions” box and once the list of services is displayed, select “Peloton subscription.” The process closes when you confirm the operation.