How to cancel Planet Fitness membership?

For those who love to take care of their health and keep their bodies active and looking good, Planet Fitness is the best option to join because, with more than 15 million members, it’s not impossible to be a fan.

No matter how good a gym, Planet Fitness is, there are plenty of reasons to choose to cancel your membership. Planet Fitness, in particular, has several particularities when it comes to canceling a membership, and to do so, you need to know them.

How do I cancel a Planet Fitness membership?

Canceling a Planet Fitness membership can be a slightly tedious, especially because of its only two cancellation methods available.


The most common way to cancel a Planet fitness membership is to go directly to the gym and request a cancellation form. You will probably find the person in charge of the process at the front desk, usually the same person in charge of attending the gym or always at the front desk.

It would help if you informed them of your need to cancel your membership, and they will provide you with the cancellation form. Furthermore, you will likely have to enter several personal details on the form and explain why you want to cancel your membership.

Once you fill out the form, you should complete the process and cancel your membership. If you have any other questions and are unsure if your membership will be automatically canceled, you should ask the receptionist.

The receptionist will be able to tell you if it will take a few days or if, with your form, you should have no further concerns. Rules and conditions may change regarding the club.

Via mail

No, this is not email but traditional mail. You must write a letter explaining the reason for your cancellation. In the same letter, you must specify your phone number, address, first and last name, and membership number.

You should send the letter to the club where you are affiliated by regular mail, although it is better to send it by certified mail.

Whether you are completely canceled with this step, many people prefer to visit the gym after sending the letter to ensure that the club has canceled the membership.

Can’t you cancel online or over the phone?

Some users have criticized this aspect of Planet Fitness for quite some time, as there is no way to cancel membership online or over the phone, and Planet Fitness makes this clear on its website.

They don’t even make a customer service phone number available. But, if you want to cancel your membership, you can only do so by the two means above postal mail and in person.

Why this system is so outdated is unknown because even the smallest companies nowadays have several methods of cancellation fully accessible to a device with the internet or through a call.

Moreover, with both methods, you must be prepared. An unexpected (or expected if you read the fine print) fee, or various conditions applicable to your cancellation, may arise.

Do I have to cancel if I want to switch to another Planet Fitness gym?

No, it is generally not necessary to cancel your membership to start attending another Planet Fitness club. It works just like a transfer. You can transfer your membership to another club.

Whether there is a charge for this change, you should discuss it directly with the club’s staff. While some may be receptive, others may have various reasons to prevent you from switching gyms and may have many conditions attached.