How to cancel Plenty of Fish subscription?

With the advent of the coronavirus, dating sites that were once very popular are now even more so! Finding the ideal person without leaving home and without access to the internet is difficult, but with Plenty of Fish, you can do something about it.

Even though Plenty of Fish is a pretty entertaining site, it is quite normal when people want to unsubscribe, and doing so is simple.

Please cancel my subscription with my mobile device

The constant updates on mobile devices make it easier and easier to process personal data and, above all, payments. And the big two: Android and iOS, are the proof, with applications such as Plenty of Fish.

Cancel Plenty of Fish for an iPhone

To set up any subscription on an iPhone device, you must log into iTunes with your account from the device’s settings. When you enter the settings, the user’s name is displayed at the top of the screen. Clicking on the name logs you into the account.

The above applies when you are logged in. If this is not the case, after clicking on the username, you must choose the “iTunes and App Store” option, tap the Apple ID and select the option to view it.

If you are not logged in at this point, ask to open iTunes. After opening the session, it is necessary to locate the section on subscriptions and press the option.

A window with all the subscriptions registered in iTunes should be displayed, and you should select Plenty of Fish. After you have clicked on it, you should locate the “Cancel Subscription” option and click on it to finish the process.

Cancel Plenty of Fish for an Android

The whole process must be done for Android through the Play Store app. When you enter the app, you should be able to visualize an icon or profile picture on the left side of the screen; your profile is registered with your Google account, and you should select it.

The Google account on your device must be the same one with which you subscribed to Plenty of Fish. Otherwise, the whole process would not make sense.

Once you have selected your profile, many options should appear; you should find one called “Payments and subscriptions” or one with a similar name related to subscriptions.

When you enter this option, it Should display all the application subscriptions on your device on the screen. Select the Plenty of Fish app, click “manage,” and finish with “Cancel subscription.”