How to cancel Sling TV subscription?

Sling Tv is no longer the top favorite of streaming programs and can hardly compete with the new emerging services, so you may want to invest in a new application. It is normal that you no longer want to be subscribed to Sling Tv membership; we give you step-by-step instructions to stop being a customer of this platform.

Steps to unsubscribe Sling Tv from the website

  • Go to the official Sling TV website and log in to your account with your personalized data.
  • Find the toolbar or setting
  • Go to “Manage Account” to enter the “My Account” section
  • There you will be able to see the “Unsubscribe” option
  • When you click on it, you will answer a short questionnaire about the reasons for canceling your account
  • Unlike other platforms that send a confirmation code, Sling has the particularity of only having to re-enter your account password to confirm the subscription
  • The platform will display a farewell message to confirm that you have been terminated

Step by step to unsubscribe from Sling Tv by phone

Another way to cancel Sling Tv is through their customer service via phone. You can make a call to the number: +1-888-361-7149. You will be answered by an automated operator who will tell you that you want to unsubscribe from their services.

They will then pass the call to one of their employees in charge of that area, who will handle the case personally.

What if I would like to resubscribe to Sling?

Platforms similar to Sling’s, to avoid cancellation of their users’ membership, offer the option to pause and resume it whenever they want. In return, Sling offers a similar service. When you cancel your account, you can keep your profile and delete your credit card information that was registered at the subscription time.

This way, your credit card will not be charged, and you can resume the subscription in the future.

Aspect to keep in mind

It is significant to know that the owner can only do the process of permanent cancellation of the account. When it is closed, it will also be automatically intercepted on the devices where this account was registered or opened.

What will happen to my money?

A real fear is that you may wish to cancel your account or subscription after you have paid the initial membership and not know what will happen to that deposit.

In the case of Sling TV, they do not refund your money, but in exchange, they offer you the possibility to continue enjoying their service until the cut-off date. At that moment is when the cancellation of the subscription becomes a fact.