How to cancel Tinder subscription?

There are times in life when we experience the need to meet new friends. At other times, we are drawn to find a partner or have a short romance or a lasting relationship. Tinder is the place to find it.

If you have found your partner or are no longer looking for new friends, you must follow the proper instructions to cancel your subscription, as it is not enough to uninstall the application.

There are different ways to unsubscribe from Tinder

All the orders that people make to subscribe to the Tinder platform are identified with some initial letters. Your order can start with MK (in case your phone is Apple), GPA (in case your phone is Android), or TNDR (in case you have purchased through the website).

Steps to unsubscribe from an iPhone

You must open your phone’s settings and tap on your name. Once there, the word “subscriptions” will appear, and you will have to select the subscription you are using on Tinder and then cancel it.

Steps to unsubscribe from an Android phone

In the case of Android phones, you must go to PlayStore and touch your profile icon on the top right of the application. A section called “payments and subscriptions” will appear. Then you will see your subscription active on Tinder; finally, you must hit cancel.

Cancel your subscription from the website

Enter the website and add your username and password to your account.

The next thing you should do is select your profile icon. Then, go to “Manage paid account” and finally select unsubscribe.

Your last option will be customer service

If all of the above options have not worked, you should go to the official Tinder page and select “contact us” to talk to an agent who can guide you to cancel the account.

Steps to permanently delete Tinder your account

Maybe you have canceled your subscription, but you also want to delete your Tinder account permanently. You must log in to the application and select your profile icon to achieve that. In the settings section, go to “delete account” and choose the option “delete my account.”

Steps to freeze a Tinder account

This option is quite viable if you want to pay the subscription later.

It is advisable because it will not delete your profile data or conversations. If you want to take some time and get away from the application, you can freeze your account, and thus, you will not appear visible to others.

Log in to Tinder from your cell phone and click on the profile icon. Select “delete account” in the settings section.

At that moment, you will see a message with the option “pause account,” Once you select that option, your account will go to sleep. It’s like if you decide to go on vacation for a while.