How to cancel Tivo subscription?

Many services are sometimes unnecessary, but once you enter that world, some don’t know how to get out. So, if you want to know how to unsubscribe from Tivo, this place is for you. It is not a difficult procedure, but you should know at least the technology basics. Even if you don’t know it, you will be able to achieve your goal step by step.

Discover how to unsubscribe from Tivo in simple steps

Many users and customers worldwide will have different reasons to cancel a service, such as making better use of their income or having more time. But most cases have one thing in common; they are simple processes that sometimes few people know about.

Therefore, you can learn more than one method to cancel your Tivo subscription within this segment. Keep in mind that the main thing you need to have is a device, with or without access to an internet connection.

Canceling the membership subscription through an operator

Mainly, you will need to make the first contact with Tivo’s Customer Service executive team, whose contact number is 1-877-367-8486 and can be found on the official website.

Once you are attended by a member or available representative of the company, you must request to cancel the subscription. As a protocol measure, whoever is talking to you will ask pertinent questions about your data.

First, they will ask for information such as full name, address, and date of birth, among others. All this is to be able to identify and find the account effectively.

Continuing with the process, the Tivo representative will ask you if you obtained a confirmation email or number, which will corroborate that the cancellation has been successful. This confirmation will be useful for future reference.

Performing the cancellation process within the official website

In this process, you must carefully follow each of the steps to achieve the cancellation of the Tivo subscription. The first thing you should do is to enter the company’s official website in the browser of your choice.

tivo login

For obvious reasons, you should already have an account, so you need to log in. The login icon is located in the upper-right corner, and once you select the box, a pop-up window will open.

You will be asked for your email address and password to log in. Once on the home page, look for the “Active Tivo” section in the menu.

When you find it, you must click on it, where the option to unsubscribe will open. So, to finish the process, you should click on “Cancel Service” and confirm; that way, you will finish without much effort.

Is it possible to get a refund after canceling the Tivo?

It depends because there are clear exceptions. You can only get a full refund if you cancel your Tivo monthly subscription within 30 days of activation.